Never After Tier List (NEW) – Best Characters & Class Guide

In our Never After Tier List, you will find out the best characters in Never After from each class.

Never After published by NetEase Games is a reverse fairy tale adventure RPG game for mobile devices. Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella are some of the characters that you will meet in this new and exciting fairy tale world. When a game has so many characters for you, then it is bound to happen that some will be stronger than others.

Because there are a lot of characters that you can play in the game. So, for your convenience, we decided to draw down Never After Tier List and guide.

Never After Classes Guide

This Never After Tier List will help you identify and pick strong characters from each class given below.

  • Sorcerer Class → It can control Nature’s elements and used them to your benefit.
  • Hunter Class → A ranged carrier with a fast attack speed.
  • Assassin Class → It is a hefty melee DPS beast that is best suited for executions.
  • Knight Class → It is a stalwart knight in sparkling armor.
  • Musician Class → With the help of music it heals and support allies.

Which Is The Best Class In Never After?

Assassins are the best class in the Never After game. Furthermore, they are extremely popular among new players. This is due to their ability to cover long distances in a short amount of time due to their quick and nimble abilities.

Assassins have the ability to kill their targets from afar. They also have sneaky skills that allow them to become invisible for a short period of time on the battlefield.

Now without further ado, let us find out the best characters in this Never After Tier List.

Never After Tier List – Best Characters

Never After Tier List

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that this Never After Tier List is merely my opinion of the best characters in the game.

You may believe that some characters belong in a higher tier while others belong in a lower tier. That’s fine because you can still have a good time with these Never After Characters.

Never After Tier List – S Tier

  • Mad Hatter (Rand)
  • Long-Haired Princess (Penny)
  • Beast Prince (Mars)
  • Castle Beauty (Betty)
  • Mermaid Princess (Carol)

Never After Tier List – A Tier

  • Wonderland Princess (Alice)
  • Prince Charming (David)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Lucy)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Lilian)

Never After Tier List – B Tier

  • Snow White (Margaret)
  • Match Girl (Doris)
  • Little Glass Slipper (Cinderella)

Which Is The Best Character In Never After?

Mad Hatter is an SSR grade character who is classified as a Warrior in Never After. The Mad Hatter’s newly awakened power is a targeted AOE attack that deals damage to all opponents in a particular region on the battlefield.

So that is everything you need to know about Never After Tier List.

We’ve gone over the best characters in this exciting game. With so many playable characters, Never After will keep you occupied for a long time.

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