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Developed by StarFortune, For iOS and Android devices there is the latest role-playing game called Myths of Moonrise. You rebuild your country, form an alliance, and drive out the invaders in this game. The ideal combo is Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration. Put strategies to use and match the chess pieces to unleash the mystical force that can vanquish your opponents.

Moreover, you can redeem Myths of Moonrise Codes to get bonus items. The most recent Myths of Moonrise Codes can be found in this guide. The Myths of Moonrise Codes are released specifically for new players so that they may start out with tons of free items.

Without further ado, let’s look at the list of current Myths of Moonrise Codes.

All New Myths of Moonrise Codes

Below you will find all the active Myths of Moonrise Codes. To avoid losing any of the benefits they offer, be sure to redeem them before the expiration date.

Active Myths of Moonrise Gift Codes

Here is the list of working Myths of Moonrise Gift Codes:-

OwllyGift902Redeem this Myths of Moonrise code for 200 Diamond Supply Chest, x3 50,000 Food, x3 50,000 Wood, and x4 5-Min Speedup
OwllyGift826Redeem this Myths of Moonrise code for 200 Diamond Supply Chest, x3 50,000 Food, x3 50,000 Wood, and x4 5-Min Speedup

Please enter the Myths of Moonrise Codes exactly as listed above. Also, keep note of letter cases and special characters.

Myths of Moonrise FAQ’s

Before you leave, here are some commonly asked questions about Myths of Moonrise game:-

How To Find New Myths of Moonrise Redeem Codes?

We try to maintain this list up to date, so if we discover new Myths of Moonrise Redeem Codes we’ll include it here. You should also check out the latest game like this one if you’re seeking for more codes – go through the working list of Project Winter Mobile Gift Codes and NecroMerger Codes for free bonus rewards.

How To Redeem Myths of Moonrise Codes?

Not sure how to redeem Myths of Moonrise Codes? Follow the steps below to redeem all the codes easily in the game!

  • Launch the Myths of Moonrise game and tap on the Profile icon.
  • Here tap on the Settings button and Redemption button on the new pop up screen.
  • Now, enter all the working Myths of Moonrise Codes that we have provided in the list above.
  • Finally, tap on the Redeem button to get your free in-game bonus and rewards.

Myths of Moonrise Features

Rebuild Homes → Clear the ruins and obstacles! The way of rebuilding is always full of hardship. Behind the rubble and broken walls, there may be compatriots waiting to be rescued, while there may also be minions of the Fallen. Please take each step carefully, never give up on compatriots, and never show mercy to the Fallen. Arm yourself with strategies, and match the chess pieces to release the ancient power that can destroy the enemies!

Recruit Heroes → A lone wolf never becomes a real Lord! The elites of all races are eager to assist you! Never turn them down! On the contrary, you need to gather the strength, because you need your own strong right-hand man in the future.

Explore & Arena → Victory favors the prepared! Match-3 Battles and Hero Exploration make the perfect combination. During the severe dilemmas and narrow escapes, build up your clan, toughen your will, and achieve your glory! And all these abilities would be tested in the ultimate Arena!

That is everything you need to know about the latest Myths of Moonrise Codes list.

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