MU Origin 3 Codes (NEW) – Free Coupon Codes

If you are looking for a working list of MU Origin 3 Codes, we have got an updated list for you today.

However, the list of MU Origin 3 Codes will only be valid for a limited time, so redeem them before they expire. Moreover, we recommend checking our website on a regular basis because we update the list with new working MU Origin 3 Codes. Besides, all the new MU Origin 3 Codes are available for free on our website.

Without ado, let us first find out how to redeem MU Origin 3 Codes in the game.

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How To Redeem MU Origin 3 Coupon Codes?

MU Origin 3 Coupon Codes can be redeemed within the game itself.

As a result, unlike other mobile games, you do not need to go to an external site and enter the codes before seeing if they work or not.

Follow the steps below to redeem MU Origin 3 Coupon Codes:

  • Step1: Complete the tutorial in MU Origin 3.
  • Step2: In the home screen tap on Misc option.
  • Step3: At the bottom, press the Coupon Code button.
  • Step4: Enter all the MU Origin 3 Coupon Codes one at a time.
  • Step5: Confirm your choice and claim your free rewards.

Latest MU Origin 3 Codes List

MU Origin 3 Codes

All the active MU Origin 3 Codes are listed below for your reference:

  • F4CER3G → Use this coupon code for diamond, apples, and other gifts.
  • D5SKURD → Use this coupon code for diamond, apples, and other gifts.
  • QJMU666 → Use this coupon code for diamond, apples, and other gifts. (SEA Server)
  • MUVIP8888 → Use this coupon code for gold, junior random fluorite bag, etc. (SEA Server)

Before you start typing the MU Origin 3 Codes please make sure you use the exact letter case. In some games the developers have used the case-sensitive letters so enter them exactly as they are displayed above.

How To Get New MU Origin 3 Gift Codes?

You may keep an eye on the official social media page’s to see if any new codes have been released. I highly recommend bookmarking our website for future reference while looking for new MU Origin 3 Gift Codes.

We update this MU Origin 3 Gift Codes list with new updates as they become available, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them anywhere elsewhere.

About MU Origin 3

Immerse yourself in the MU magical world and begin on a perilous and challenging journey. Fly across the air on miraculous wings, dive to the darkest depths of the ocean, and charge through fields on terrible horses. Smite your adversaries into oblivion and dominate the battlegrounds with deadly powers.

In huge siege warfare or small-scale arenas, experience the excitement of fast-paced, exciting fighting. Everyone can achieve unimaginable power and become a legend in the world of MU.


  • SLAY HORDES UPON HORDES OF DEMONS → Select from 3 iconic and customizable classes: Swordsman, Archer, and Mage. Devastate your enemies and safeguard the mortal realm from the demon invasion.
  • EXPLORE THE VAST OPEN WORLD OF MU → Dive into a fantasy world spanning over 5 million square meters, ranging from the mysterious underwater city of Atlantis to the towering mountains of the Glacial Peaks.
  • WIN GLORY IN CROSS-SERVER WARS → Jump into the fray and fight for your server in epic server vs server wars. Coordinate tactics between allies to capture various cities for rewards and renown. Each and every player can sway the outcome of battles, so never give up!

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