Ultimate Mortal Online 2 Magic Guide for beginners

Welcome to our absolute Mortal Online 2 Magic guide for beginner’s. In this guide, we’ll go over the fundamentals of using magic in the Mortal Online 2 game.

This Mortal Online 2 Magic guide is for you if you are thinking about playing the game or if you have just downloaded it, or if you are still learning the ropes.

Let us get started with this Mortal Online 2 Magic guide for beginners.

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What is Magic in Mortal Online 2

Magic in Mortal Online 2 is a recurring theme, and it is only the beginning. There are 13 magic schools planned for the game, and Ecumenical magic is only the starting point. It contains the same 13 spells as Mortal Online 1.

Here is everything you need to know from this Mortal Online 2 Magic guide.

Mortal Online 2 Magic Guide

mortal online 2 magic guide

Key features of Magic in Mortal Online 2:

  • +50% damage against monsters. (Currently excludes bandits, risars, Minotaur’s, and player pets for PVP)
  • Have to stand still to charge the spell. (Necromancy will void this rule)
  • While mounted, you cannot turn the horse or change speed while precasting a spell. (you will often find yourself riding away from a fight by accident) (Necromancy will void this rule)
  • Dexterity determines your ability to turn your mount while riding, so if you have 10 dex you might have a hard time in PVP with magic.
  • Mounted Magery determines your effectiveness with magic while riding. You are 50% less effective with magic while riding with 0 skill. With 100 in Mounted Magery, you will be able to deal as much damage as you would on foot.
  • Psyche is the stat that is used to determine your defense against magic and the likelihood of resisting a spell (takes much less damage).
  • Intelligence is the stat that governs your spell damage/healing potential except for mind blast.
  • Mind blast has a different damage calculation and is determined by your opponent’s difference between their strength and intelligence stat. Currently, has a cap to prevent extreme damage in PVP. (big difference in numbers = big damage) early on in the beta this damage was capped at 42 and is still the case.
  • Earthquake damage is calculated based on the individual psyche of each target hit.
  • It is possible to cast earthquake just far enough away from your target to not be injured by the AOE yourself.
  • Your MANA pool is your int + psyche.
  • Pressing Q is the default cast last spell key. This is used to quickly precast the last spell used or cast the readied spell onto your target. (Q for you)
  • Pressing E is the default key to cast the last spell on yourself or begin precasting the last spell used. (E for me)
  • Stay under 2 kg of armor weight or 6 kg if you are a human with the Cleric clade gift unlocked. Going over 2 kg (6 kg for human) will hinder your MANA regeneration capabilities or even stop them all together at extreme values! You can still manage your MANA regeneration at 8 kg+ and wear heavier armor, but don’t expect to spam spells as much.
  • Spiritism spells cast immediately upon completion, they cannot be queued like their ecumenical counterpart.
  • Cast transcendental awareness on yourself before resurrecting someone, or you will not be able to see the spirit.
  • Spiritists can use ether portals instead of being revived. Contrary to MO1, ether portals appear for both the living and the dead regardless of which realm you are in while casting.
  • Ether portal requires you to die to enter the portal, do NOT go in with armor on.
  • Spirit boxes are the only thing that will be kept on death during ether portal use.

Things to Know:

  • Psyche – Magic defense stat that also determines your MANA pool and MANA regeneration
  • Intelligence – Magic offense stat that determines your damage and MANA pool.
  • Age – Determines your max stats. Higher age = more intelligence, lower age = more dexterity. Alvarins have an age balancing clade gift that makes age 31-35 the meta for mages.
  • Weight – Maximum weight gives +20 int, +20 psyche. If you are a pure mage you are going to want that damage buff.

Tips for beginners

Collecting plants and selling them to local vendors or even other players if the occasion comes is the best way for a new wizard to get started. You can easily earn gold coins by collecting sea dew near Meduli, salvia in the highlands, or blue flowers in the woods.

You can also kill pigs or walkers in your neighborhood graveyard and butcher their carcasses for 6-12 silver each. Some reagents are even left behind by walkers. In the plains east of Meduli, wisents and bandits are also good gold sources, but bandits are difficult to kill on foot.

Reagents in Mortal Online 2

Almost all spells require reagents of some sort, and nearly all of them drop when you die (spiritism magic has some exceptions to this). It’s critical to know where to look for them and how many to bring to the fight.

Most of the reagents you’ll need can be found at Magic Vendors, including your basic spell book, which costs 1g. Cup rum, coal, pyrite, rough black opals, jadeite, and water are among the reagents that the merchant does not currently have.

While extracting, be sure you have the lores you need to get the materials you want!

  • Cuprum can be found from extracting saburra in a crusher and refining the malachite it produces in a furnace. Can also be found within granum by extracting it in the crusher and putting the Amarantum you get in the furnace. The Gravekeeper boss in the Fabernum dungeon has also been known to drop cuprum.
  • Coal can be obtained in large amounts by crushing calx.
  • Pyrite can also be found from saburra but in small quantities, never carry more than a couple with you at a time. If you put saburra into the attractor, it produces the most pyrite, but nothing else.
  • Rough Black Opal can be found mining (rarely), sators WITH spears in the sator dungeon (high chance) 1-5 per drop, and possibly other locations. They are needed for the earthquake spell which is currently the only AOE damaging spell in the game.
  • Water is of course obtained from nearly any body of water by just holding R on the surface.
  • Spirit Box hold 50 spirits and can be obtained from your local magic vendor for 2g or medium spirit boxes that carry 150 spirits for 6g.
  • The spirits can be obtained by using Transcendental Seance on yourself in the ether in the right location and then cast Expel Spirit on yourself to capture the spirit that arrives.
  • Jadeite is made from processing saburra rocks into malachite in the crusher.

Thanks for reading this Mortal Online 2 Magic guide and welcome to your journey as a growing Mortal Online 2. Please note that this Mortal Online 2 guide is still in development, and we will add more in-depth details in the coming days.

So you should bookmark this page to not miss any new updates.

PS: Thanks to Steam user billbonty for helping in creating this awesome Mortal Online 2 Magic guide.


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