Mirage Perfect Skyline Beginners Guide 2022

Today, we will go through this Mirage Perfect Skyline beginners guide in this article. Mirage Perfect Skyline, a future MMORPG featuring gods and demons of ancient era. The pre-registration of the game was started somewhere in mid December 2021 on Android and iOS devices. After that, the global servers were officially launched on Dec 28th, 18:00 (UTC+8). Mirage Perfect Skyline has been developed and published by EYOUGAME(USS) for mobile devices.

Now, without further ado, let us get started with this Mirage Perfect Skyline Beginners Guide – Walkthrough, Gameplay and more.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Introduction

Mirage Perfect Skyline Beginners Guide

In this Mirage Perfect Skyline beginners guide, we give you a brief overview of various elements and features of the game. Mirage: Perfect Skyline is a new MMORPG set in the world of gods and demons, with a range of well-designed team events. The game is set on the Sarichiaee battlefield and has eight distinct classes, each with their own set of skills and fighting style. You can select between the Gods and the Demons. As Gods, you’ll have to protect, while as Demons, you’ll have to destroy.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Beginners Guide – Gameplay

Now let us go through the game mechanics and get a brief understanding of gameplay in this Mirage Perfect Skyline guide. On the battlefield, you will join one of two camps. Holding strong locations, capturing resources, and participating in guild conflicts are all important. There are also PvP battles. According to the developers, you will be able to enjoy a 3D antique fairyland with good audiovisual quality. It will also include a multitude of customization possibilities. There will also be pets, as well as social elements that will allow you to talk and make friends with other players.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Guide – Arena

Arena Contest allows you to acquire a ranking based on your strength. If the challenge is a success, the winning player’s ranking will be used to replace the losing player’s. If the challenge is not completed, the ranking will remain unchanged. EXP, Renown, and Qi will be awarded after each combat. Daily attempts are limited to ten, although this number can be increased depending on your VIP status.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Guide – Sarichiaee

Next in our Mirage Perfect Skyline beginners guide is Sarichiaee. Players will be assigned to a camp at random when they arrive at the battlefield. The faction with the most resource points (2400) will win. Capture Jade Minefield, Divine Refiner, and Dragon’s End, the valley’s three resource footholds. A fragment of Dragon Crystal will be generated by Dragon’s End. After getting it, escorting it to Godsmith will provide abundant resource points and individual scores, which is crucial to win. During the event, players can also kill other players for resource points and escort Dragon Crystal for individual points.

Mirage Perfect Skyline Guide – Deification Battle

Next in our Mirage Perfect Skyline beginners guide is the Deification Battle.

There are 3 stages in Deification Battle:

Stage 1 – Gather Div. Gear

In this stage, players can attack the Godlord but not each other. Godlord has a chance to drop Div. Gear once killed. The dropped gear belongs to the player of the final blow. There will be an ownership time length. The ownership will become neutral when the time runs out. During this period, Demon Godlord will be randomly spawned, you can kill and obtain ample scores. The player who delivers the final blow to kill Godlord will also obtain scores.

Stage 2 – Snatch Div. Gear

In this stage, players can choose to eliminate Godlord or other players. If a player kills another player, the killed player will have a chance to drop the Div. Gear they own. Dropped Div. Gear has no ownership. After the gear is dropped, it will be automatically destroyed if no one tries to pick it up. Killing or assisting other players also grant scores. During this period, Demon Godlord will also be randomly spawned.

Stage 3 – Deification

In this stage, no Godlord will be spawned. The player must try to survive. During this period, you cannot quit the battlefield or disconnect. After leaving the battlefield, it will immediately settle Deification Ranking. The longer you survive, the higher rank you will be.

If multiple players have the same survival time, the player with higher scores will rank higher. If multiple players have the same survival time and same scores, the player with higher CP will rank higher.

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