Master of Knights Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Our Master of Knights tier list will make it easier for you to enjoy your time playing this popular tactically strategic role-playing game. This list of the best characters in Master of Knights is the result of grouping all of the heroes and comparing them against one another in each category.

This Master of Knights tier list can therefore be helpful to you whether you’re searching for an entirely new party or that final character to truly complete your team.

Our Master of Knights tier list will be updated over time when new heroes are added and the game has balance changes. In light of this, we wholeheartedly advise bookmarking this page and returning frequently to see if anything has changed.

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Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at our Master of Knights tier list.

Master of Knights Tier List – Best Characters

Characters that are included in the S and A tiers are generally the ones you should aim to utilize as frequently as feasible in Master of Knights – Tactics RPG.

Master of Knights tier list

Master of Knights Tier List- S Tier

  • Viivian,
  • Esperanza,
  • Amdusias,
  • Lachesis,
  • Astraroth,
  • Lilith,
  • Bunny Alonso,
  • Sia

Master of Knights Tier List- A Tier

  • Natasha,
  • Claudia,
  • Bartholomew,
  • Artemis,
  • Valkyrie

Master of Knights Tier List- B Tier

  • Mikoto,
  • Suzaku,
  • Limnoria,
  • Hotaru

Master of Knights Tier List- C Tier

  • Tesla,
  • Nocturne,
  • Raphael,
  • Verdandi,
  • Neil,
  • Bellatrix,
  • Elbis,
  • Sinmara,
  • Baldur,
  • Ravel

Master of Knights Tier List- D Tier

  • Ifrit,
  • Alice,
  • Merrow

That concludes our new Master of Knights tier list.

Overview of Master of Knights – Tactics RPG

It is Turn grid based hero battler with mana as a resource. You place 5 heroes on your side hit start. First turn gets 3 mana every turn after is 5 mana by default. Each move/attack of a hero costs 1 mana, and there are spells that have varying cost you draw or appear at random each turn (I think random).

Heroes have a class which dictates how they move and attack. The class has no variance so all warriors attack on the same sides, have the same movements, attack ranges everything.

Each hero has a skill with the legendary heroes always having skills predicated on one of these attack/move/take dmg/cast spells 3 times then they can activate their skill.

There is a different combat/gameplay system in the game as well though for real time battles against players or just other parts of the game it ditches the grid/board and goes into a real time strategy.

In real time strategy mode everything that was turn relative is now based on time instead.

All in all the game is a good time kill, and I would recommend anyone to try it.

Stay tuned for fresh Master of Knights tier list, guide and updates.


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