Marvel New Journey Trello & Best Characters

Looking for Roblox Marvel New Journey Trello Link & Discord? We have got you covered in this Marvel New Journey guide.

The PVP/fighting game Marvel: New Journey was created by fans and is inspired by Marvel Studios and Comics. Your journey has only just begun. Choose between playing as a superhero or a villain, and strive to defeat your opponents to gain coins and unlock new characters.

Without ado, let us get started with this Marvel New Journey Trello & Best Characters guide!

Roblox Marvel New Journey Trello Link & Discord Server

Basic introduction, number of in-game items, game mechanics, character traits, number of bosses, controls, and other general information are all covered in the Marvel New Journey Trello link. A lot of information can be quickly absorbed by going through the Roblox Marvel New Journey Trello link page. Due to everything being available on the same page, Trello is a little easier than a typical Wiki or Fandom page.

Just click the Marvel New Journey Trello link and you will arrive at Trello, which contains an in-depth detail on how the Marvel New Journey game functions.

Have more questions about the Marvel New Journey game? You can visit the Marvel New Journey Discord server to stay in touch with the community. Also, Read – Marvel New Journey Codes

Roblox Marvel New Journey Trello


Q – Shield
E – Basic projectile
X, C, R, G, F, Z – Various attacks.
2x Space – Flight
Hold Shift – Sprint

Your attacks are displayed in a hot bar on the bottom of your screen, like so:

Some attacks occur the moment you press the key, others require you to click again after selecting the ability. Attacks with [AoE] in front of the description are Area of effect attacks and will damage multiple people whereas some attacks will only effect a selected person.

Character info/settings

Status Bars

Every Character has three Status bars:
Green = Health (Drained by taking damage)

Blue = Energy (Drained by using spells)

Red = Stamina (Drained by sprinting)

Settings Tab

The settings icon displays visual settings for the character. The main visual settings are:
Enable/disable idle Hand particles
Enable/disable damage indicator
Enable/disable idle Eye glow
Enable/disable Anti-Lag

Reward system

You can collect daily login rewards by clicking on the chest icon in the welcome screen.
This amount increases daily with higher Staff ranks and Testers getting more coins then regular players.

What Is Trello?

Trello is a platform for project management that enables users to create and modify cards that include crucial data about the game. Trello has been used frequently by Roblox Arcane Odyssey developers as a means of providing users with crucial information about the experience.

Trello boards are popular among people who use Roblox because they can be accessed freely and have a variety of functions.

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