Manasis Refrain Tier List and Reroll Guide

Do you wish to have an easy time winning battles in Manasis Refrain? If yes, then here is the comprehensive Manasis Refrain tier list to help you win more battles in the game. This Manasis Refrain guide will show you the tier list ranking of all the best Manasis Refrain characters along with their abilities and special powers.

Many characters are available in Manasis Refrain thanks to the game’s unique mechanics. Moreover, every character has a potential to contribute something useful, but only a handful stand out in certain vulnerable situations. Therefore, this Manasis Refrain tier list will help you select the characters that will assist you in both PvE and PvP mode.

Now, without further ado, let us get in depth of this Manasis Refrain tier list and reroll guide.

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New Manasis Refrain Tier List

Manasis Refrain tier list

In this Manasis Refrain tier list we have divided the characters in three tiers i.e. S-Tier, A-Tier and B-Tier.

Manasis Refrain Tier List (S-Tier)

If you have a few of these Manasis Refrain characters at your disposal, you’ll have the best time playing this game. They have exceptional ratings that allow them to fit into most of the situations.

  • Aurora Mildred
  • Dark Shadow Fog Crow Faruru

Manasis Refrain Tier List (A-Tier)

Manasis Refrain characters that we have included in this Manasis Refrain Tier List are strong and powerful.

  • Mori Kaoru Yami Gilberta
  • Tamafu Muel
  • Aqua Serafina
  • Burning Eliza
  • Twilight Glorio Silizer

Manasis Refrain Tier List (B-Tier)

Characters in this Manasis Refrain Tier List as not as powerful as those mentioned in above tiers. But they can still dominate the game, especially in the hands of skilled players.

  • Tobio Gilberta
  • Furin Rabbit Aoi Faruru
  • Snow in Summer Serafina
  • Wilderness Rose Mildred

Manasis Refrain Character Guide

It is now time to explain in detail the special abilities of each and every Manasis Refrain characters in the game.

Azalea Serafina

She is a versatile character in the area of development that can be unlocked from the mystery box. Azalea can increase the attack speed of allies and can also increase the health points. But her skill points are hard to accumulate, and it takes time to activate.


She is a single high-fire attacker for bosses that ignites enemies and deals additional damage. Moreover, she can easily finish off low HP enemies.

Rose Mildred

She can deal a break damage and can also delay recovery time of enemies. Rose Mildred frequently provokes her enemies and performs a strong counter-attack for an increased damage.

Muel The Dragon Flame

She can deal an increased damage to 4-star bosses. But, she takes a little more time to upgrade her skill points. Her fire flame can easily break the resistance of enemies over a period of time.

Blue Serafina

She is a water attacker who breaks the defense of enemies with her water abilities. At a same time she can increase the damage count of her own water abilities. Moreover, she also allows you to heal all allies, freeze enemies and unlock enhancement effects.

Hekikai Eliza

She is a Star 4 character with a very slow movement. But she can deal a huge damage with the help of other characters in Manasis Refrain Tier List.


She is a 5-star Manasis Refrain character and can be used to perform Wind Range Attack at a same time shielding the allies from enemy damage. Furthermore, she can instantly kill lower level opponents with 30% or less HP.

Aoi Farru

She is 4-star character and is placed in S-Tier of our Manasis Refrain Tier List. Aoi Farru is good at quick firing of bows, and can be used to deal damage over a longer period of time.

Kaoru Seraphina

A medium to long-range wind attacker who is good at 4-star range attack. She requires extra skill points to increase the attack of allies.

Light Mildred

The avant-garde that can be relied on because it is excellent in both ATK and HP. She can also bring down the opponent’s ATK and DEF so that others can instantly kill them.

When to perform reroll in Manasis Refrain?

To perform reroll in Manasis Refrain you have to complete Chapters 1 to 2. Here, the Gacha section is unlocked after interacting with the headmaster, and then you can start your reroll with 10 draws.

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About Manasis Refrain

It is a mobile adventure game created by Webzen Japan and INUTAN. Manasis Refrain’s story takes place on the continent of Fotania, where a world of mystical adventures begins and a rare sighting of spirits and humans coexists. Following a world-threatening crisis caused by the Dark Lord, Fotania establishes “Theodoric Academy” to prepare the next generation for unforeseeable future dangers.

Manasis Refrain Game Information

So there you have all the best characters in this Manasis Refrain tier list. If you want to improve your performance in this game, consider bookmark this guide.

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