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Please note that the Lost Light codes are valid for a very limited period of time only!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the new and active Lost Light Gift Codes in a list. The codes for Lost Light will grant you free gems and other benefits. If you’re looking for free stuff, check out our collection of Lost Light Gift Codes further down below.

Moreover, if you’re not sure how to redeem codes in Lost Light, look below for instructions. You might want to favorite this page by typing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using the Add to Bookmark icon on your mobile device. Because we will add new Lost Light Gift Codes as they are issued by the developers.

Here is how to redeem those Lost Light Gift Codes and how you can find a new Lost Light Gift Codes list.

How to redeem Lost Light Codes

Because there is a unique page for code redemption on the official website, you can redeem your Lost Light Codes outside the game. We’ll show you where to get your Lost Light Codes redeemed.

  • First you have to visit the official Lost Light redemption center page
  • Here you need to enter the Verification Code
  • Now choose the server from where you’re playing the game
  • You also have to enter your NID (account number) – you can find it in your character’s basic info
  • After doing all these steps, you have to press Confirm
  • Finally, enter your Lost Light Codes in the next window and tap Redeem Now
  • You can visit your in-game message box to claim your free rewards

Where to get Lost Light Redemption Codes

Join the official Discord server for the game to obtain news, updates, and to communicate with other players to find more Lost Light redeem codes. The best would be to keep an eye out for the new Lost Light redeem codes on this page for more information.

Lost Light Gift Codes

Because Lost Light gift codes do expire after a certain amount of time, you’ll want to utilize them as soon as possible.

  • mdjw6jd3ry –  Use Lost Light gift codes for free stuff.
  • md38ky44r4 – Redeem Lost Light gift codes for free items.

These Lost Light gift codes can also be redeemed for new arms and ammunition. Moreover, you can also get free in-game currency so that you can purchase additional items for your character.

Lost Light Reference Codes

Keep trying until you discover a working referral code because some codes might not work if you are not in the same region as the player who generated them.

  • 16345540663316594
  • 16706156406374064
  • 16723956558178761
  • 16723956589043989
  • 16723956539444880
  • 16723956539752155
  • 16345540640446548
  • 17115328306741491
  • 16723956565702598
  • 17631311226310108
  • 17631310236975753
  • 17631310232610742
  • 16706156448641982
  • 16706157479508304

Lost Light Features

Realistic warfare survival – Factories, harbors, forests, these once familiar sights have been desecrated by the wrath of the apocalypse. Never neglect small details on the battlefield or there will be fatal consequences. You must know your weapons and know your equipment, explore every corner of the battlefield, learn to effectively deal with hunger and pain, and make tactical plans.

Authentic Firearm Customization – From structures to textures, the firearms in the game are meticulously recreated to provide players with the most realistic firearms experience. Each firearm supports up to 12 modifiable parts and hundreds of components to choose from.

All About Tactics – In Lost Light, violence is not always the answer—as long as you can find the evacuation point, you can make it out alive. You may decide to go armed to the teeth, wreaking havoc and reaping the loots, or you may pick to be a minimalist, scavenging your way to a small fortune.

Game Information

  • Title – Lost Light
  • Category – Action
  • Publisher – Netease Games Global
  • Download –

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