League of Pantheons Guide – Best team combination

If you’ve just started out and are new to the game, then check out this League of Pantheons guide and walkthrough. This League of Pantheons beginners guide will go over most aspects of the game. League of Pantheons is a brand-new RPG created by the NEOCRAFT team. They are responsible for some of the most popular mobile games on the platform, including Guardians of Cloudia, among many others.

If you’re beginning to wonder what the best team in League of Pantheons, look no further. In this League of Pantheons guide, we have covered everything from League of Pantheons best team to how to get gems and gold in League of Pantheons for free.

So without ado, let us get started with this League of Pantheons guide:

League of Pantheons Guide

League of Pantheons guide

Guess who will win the fight among Zeus, Odin, Wukong and Susanoo? Ancient immortals from Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian and other mythologies, are gathered in this League of Pantheons. You have to be the mighty Summoner to bring back their great glory and power. The game offers characters such as Valkyrie, Poseidon, Jormungand, Sphinx, Darlord, Hel, Raphael, Gai’ming, Nidhogg, Hera, Abaddon, Divine High Priest, Nezha.

How to get gems in League of Pantheons

Here are few tips to get gems in League of Pantheons.

  • Complete the voyage orders – Available amount is massive, and you can get diamond rewards for completing certain voyage orders, so be quick and fast!
  • Level up during your adventure – Available amount is small, but diamonds will be rewarded every time when you level up. Adventurers, let us work hard to get higher levels!
  • Clear feats – Available amount is massive, and huge amounts of diamonds are available by clearing specific feats. Some feats are easy to complete, go check it out!
  • Arena ranking rewards – Available amount is Large and higher the ranking, the more diamonds you will get.
  • Auto-battle income – Available amount is small but auto-battle can also get diamond rewards, it feels like every minute is not wasted!

How to earn gold in League of Pantheons

Here are few tips to earn gold in League of Pantheons.

  • Story Mode – Quantity available is massive, and it is one of the main sources of golds, don’t forget to collect your auto-battle gains every day.
  • Gold Touch – Quantity available is massive. Click on the “+” sign next to the golds to participate, only need to move your fingers, but there is a limit to the number of times per day!
  • Daily Dungeon – Quantity available is large. There are 2 free challenges per day, and you can get a lot of golds for challenging, the higher the difficulty, the more golds.
  • Blitz – Quantity available is Massive. All you have to do is select [Blitz] in [Fight], directly get 2 hours of auto-battle gains, those who have tried all say good.
  • The Babel – Quantity available is medium, and is opened at level 16. You can get golds on the first clear and blitz.
  • Endless Trial – Quantity available is very few. Opened at level 25. Clear the specified number of stages and claim clearance reward, including golds.

League of Pantheons Best Team Combinations

League of Pantheons requires good skill and strategies to win the battle. Here ares some League of Pantheons tips and strategies.

  • Pay attention to class combination – A good, balanced team should have: Tanks (Protection and Control), Fighters/Mages (Dealing damage), Supports (Healing and providing buffs)
  • Pay attention to the elements – Each element has its strength and weakness against another. The stronger element gets a DMG and ACC bonus. Choosing a right element will help to get the final victory in the battle.
  • Pay attention to the formation – Deploy heroes of s specific element for stats buff in the battle, mixing and matching them properly will provide a higher possibility to win. To check overall hero parings, access [Deployed Heroes] panel and tap the Formation Icon.
  • Pay attention to the skill combination – Some heroes and skills work in tandem. E.g. Magma Fiend may inflict [Lava Blast] to burn the target, while Valkyrie can always score crits with [Heroic Slash] to the burnt target.

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