Kingdom Quest Tier List & Reroll – Best character guide

We have put together a new Kingdom Quest Tier List guide that will give you an overview of the heroes. It will also help you figure out who are the best heroes in Kingdom Quest Idle game.

Moreover, picking the best hero for optimal performance in any game is never easy. The Kingdom Quest Idle Game is not different, and determining who will help you is difficult. That is why players must develop a better perspective from the Kingdom Quest Tier List.

Some of these heroes are said to be the best bets in any game mode. If a player is able to obtain such a hero from this Kingdom Quest Tier List, we strongly advise that they be used with the suitable team.

Now, without ado, let us get started with this Kingdom Quest Tier List.

Kingdom Quest Tier List – Best character guide

Kingdom Quest Tier List & Reroll

All the characters in this Kingdom Quest Tier List are divided into five categories.

  • SS tier – They are the best heroes in Kingdom Quest, and they will have exceptional performance for any game mode.
  • S tier – The heroes are performing well than the average heroes, and they are so much strength to help throughout the gameplay journey.
  • A tier – Heroes in this tier list are not strong enough, but they are not weaker either. They are an excellent addition to a team if you look for a specific set of abilities within the gameplay.
  • B tier – The heroes in this Kingdom Quest Tier List are at the second last position. As, a result they should be used only when you do not have any heroes from above-mentioned tiers
  • C tier – This is the bottom level of this Kingdom Quest Tier List. Characters in this list are rarely used by players for now.

Kingdom Quest Tier List – SS Tier

  • Magnus → Dark
  • Marta → Wood
  • Vargas → Fire
  • Leonard → Fire

Kingdom Quest Tier List – S Tier

  • Kyle → Fire
  • Crocodilia → Water
  • Julie → Fire
  • Lass → Dark
  • Rosar → Wood
  • Volcano → Rock
  • Ironfist → Rock
  • Anubis → Water

Kingdom Quest Tier List – A Tier

  • Tirion → Water
  • Veronica → Water
  • Zed → Water
  • Stone → Rock
  • Cecilia → Dark
  • Asuka → Light
  • Olive → Wood
  • Murka → Wood
  • Loras → Fire
  • Quaker → Rock
  • Lazaro → Light
  • Xiao → Fire
  • Jenna → Water
  • Feros → Rock

Kingdom Quest Tier List – B Tier

  • Stormaxe → Light
  • Arthur → Rock
  • Uva → Waer
  • Jerome → Rock
  • Sarah → Wood
  • Fei → Fire
  • Irina → Wood
  • Magath → Water
  • Samper → Wood

Kingdom Quest Tier List – C Tier

  • Loupgarou → Rock
  • Hass → Wood
  • Horn → Fire
  • Zika → Water
  • Mook → Wood
  • Odin → Rock
  • Kar → Fire
  • Tobi → Fire

The new Kingdom Quest Tier List is now complete. Make sure you have the right team composition for a great game experience because this is how gamers can progress and enhance their game performance.

Kingdom Quest Reroll Guide

At the end of the day, whether you reroll or not is determined by your own preference for the character. There’s no need to reroll if you got the character you desired.

For now, let us take a look at some steps to reroll in Kingdom Quest Idle Game.

  • Start to play Kingdom Quest Idle and if you are lucky you will get your favorite characters. If not the read on.
  • Go to your Account Info by pressing the Avatar symbol on the left-top side of the main menu.
  • Here you must not connect your Google Play account by tapping on the account icon.
  • You will have to log out of the game and create a new guest account.
  • Start from the beginnings and try your luck again.

Will I be banned for Rerolling?

You will not be penalized for conducting rerolls as long as you are doing so for your own benefit and not to sell accounts. You can feel assured that rerolling follows certain rules and regulations.

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