Kingdom Quest Gift Codes (NEW) – Redeem code

Kingdom Quest Gift Codes will help you to obtain gems, upgrade packs, red shards, coins, and other rewards for free. Kingdom Quest Idle Game is a free to play RPG game developed by StormX for mobile devices.

Moreover, the developers have an introduced a concept where players can redeem Kingdom Quest Gift Codes for premium exclusive items. Although, some may find redeeming Kingdom Quest Gift Codes to be tricky, but it’s actually easier than it appears.

If you’re looking for even more freebies, be sure to check out our Gift Codes for The Strong World and Scarlet Fate CD Key code section. Now, without further ado, let us get started with this Kingdom Quest Gift Codes guide.

Kingdom Quest Gift Codes Guide

Kingdom Quest Gift codes

Read on till the end, to discover all the active and working Kingdom Quest Gift Codes. We have also included some resources where we search for Kingdom Quest Gift Codes.

What are the Kingdom Quest Codes

A number of premium items can be purchased with real money in the game. Real money is required to access in-app purchase items. But, you can use Kingdom Quest Codes to get premium items without spending real money.

How to find new Kingdom Quest Gift Code

In contrast to other games, there is no direct way to obtain the new Kingdom Quest Gift Codes in a short period of time. You must remain active across multiple platforms in order to obtain the genuine Kingdom Quest Gift Code. We won’t be able to give you any specific sources for free Kingdom Quest Gift Codes if you ask us where we get them.

Day in day out, our team participates in and joins a variety of Discord channels, Reddit forums, events, and livestream giveaways in the hopes of obtaining a single code. However, when we receive new Kingdom Quest Gift Codes, we post them on our sites right away. So that our readers, like you, can benefit from them.

Kingdom Quest Gift Codes List

As of now, here the working Kingdom Quest Gift Codes:

  • FLAL2QL1 – Redeem this code for free items.
  • KINGDOM2022 – Redeem this code for free items.

How to redeem Kingdom Quest Coupon Codes

Here are the steps to redeem Kingdom Quest coupon codes:

  1. Launch the game on your device.
  2. Tap on the Settings button on the top menu
  3. Here, tap on the Coupon option.
  4. Now, enter the new Kingdom Quest coupon code.
  5. Finally, confirm your choice to claim your rewards.

Kingdom Quest Idle Game Introduction

  • Diverse and unique Heroes – Over 90 different Heroes with their own characteristics are waiting for you. Come experience the extravagant Skills and charming 2D Graphics.
  • A Classic 3×3 Field and Strategy – Easy to pick up, but hard to master with a wealth of diverse strategic options! Various Heroes meet in the 3×3 field to strategically battle each other. Scout the enemy and devise your plan to claim the throne.
  • Abundant Content and fun leveling up – Make your Heroes stronger by Evolution, Awakening, Enhancing Skills and Equipment. Take advantage of Goblins and Griffin, and even ride on an Airship to explore ruins. The fun will never end as you become stronger.
  • Light and refreshing Gameplay – It only takes a second to enter the exciting world of Kingdom Quest. If you are sick and tired of tiring, boring gameplay, come experience this world that is light as a feather and more refreshing than an Oasis.

Game Information

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