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In this beginners Junkworld Guide Wiki, we will discuss the latest release from Iron hide Games. They are well known for their best games like Kingdom Rush, Iron Marines etc. Therefore, players except a similar kind of gaming experience from Junkworld as well.

Which is why we’ve written this Junkworld guide, so players can get a quick rundown of the game. This Junkworld guide talks about the plot of the game, gameplay, and best strategies to play the game.

So without any delay, let us dive into this Junkworld guide. Have fun!

Junkworld Guide Wiki

Junkworld guide

Junkworld Release Date

Junkworld was soft launched on September 9th. Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Uruguay were the first to receive the game. Junkworld has an action-packed gameplay and the fast-paced tower defense promises to be surprising. Instead of putting towers in a single location, players can place them anywhere on the map. In addition, players can boost the towers’ strength by upgrading their power to defeat opponents.

Junkworld Gameplay

Junkworld is comparable to Kingdom Rush in terms of gameplay and graphics. In Junkworld you must first establish a strong empire with defensive towers placed on each sides to repel enemy attacks. Unlike other tower defense games, Junkworld in particular, allows you to place towers wherever you want on the map. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the cards at the desired location. Moreover, keep an eye on the green circle that appears around your tower if you want to acquire a good turret location.

Junkworld Strategy

Let us now talk about strategies in this Junkworld guide. Towers aren’t merely one-dimensional buildings in Junkworld. Instead, he towers will provide you with unique skills to battle invading army. Junkworld has eleven different towers with unique attributes. Flamethrowers and sniper rifles are among the towers’ foundation skills. Turning enemies into sheep, broad area strikes, and other skill sets are among the advanced abilities. In addition, you can offer special abilities to towers by upgrading them regularly.

But remember that each tower upgrade will necessitate a varying amount of resources and effort. If you don’t have enough resources, try completing tasks to gain new abilities and powers. Additionally, you can merge similar tower types before the fight begins to enhance their strength.

Best Junkworld cards are an important aspect of this Junkworld guide. Each battle card in Junkworld will give you a unique fighting ability. The following are some of the best Junkworld cards:

  • Using mines and gas cylinders
  • Equip a strong melee army on the attack
  • Using high-powered arrows
  • Equip armored giants or attack horses.

Junkworld Game Modes

Now let’s talk about the various modes in this Junkworld guide. When you start playing the game, you will find that there are up to 40 tasks in Junkworld that you can take on. All of these tasks in Junkworld are designed to put your mettle and response time to the test. You’ll face a wide range of enemies in a variety of settings. Trash Man, Machine Gunner, Fire Trucker, Mortal Mortar, and more are among them. You can also fight in the two most difficult environments: wasteland and radioactive swamp. In addition, the system will reward you generously if you defeat opponents and complete daily tasks.

There you are with the latest Junkworld Guide Wiki. We truly hope that this Junkworld guide will help you in your gaming experience.

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