Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List – Best Classes guide

This Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List gives an introduction to the game’s best character classes.

On March 17, 2022, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy was released to the public. It’s a mobile game based on Perfect World’s Jade Dynasty, which was one of the most popular MMORPGs in 2007.

This guide is for you if you are new to the game and want to learn more about the best classes in Jade Dynasty. So without ado let us get started with this Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List.

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Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List – Character class guide

Jade Dynasty New Fantasy tier list

There are eight classes in this Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List, and each class is categorized into five stats. Survivability, Damage per Second (DPS), Area of Effect (AOE), Support, and Seal are the four category stats.

Jade Dynasty Tier List – S Tier


Another high-damage dealer in this Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List. This class has a medium Support, Survivability, DPS and a high Seal. This makes it an excellent all-rounder and a nice place to start for beginners. Lupin won’t be effective against groups because of the low AOE, but it should be sufficient when it comes to one-on-one battles.


This class has a boatload of DPS and AOE, therefore it’s good for crowd control. They appear to deal damage mostly from a distance, and their defensive skills are limited. Having medium survivability, poor seal, and very low support you should keep them out of the firing line.

Jade Dynasty Tier List – A Tier


A mage class having strong DPS and AOE and a lot of resilience. They are another high-damage class Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List. However, low Support and Seal makes incense a little more restricting in certain situations.


Vim is a high-damage character class with strong DPS and AOE. This makes it extremely comparable to the Lupin and Jadeon class. This class, however, may end up defeated quite easily due to its low Survivability, Seal, and Support.


The Poisoner appears to be an assassin’s class in this Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List. With a high DPS and medium survivability it will be effective against small groups and single enemy. However, due to its low AOE and Support and very low Seal it is unlikely to fare well against large hordes of enemies.

Jade Dynasty Tier List – B Tier


The Skysong class is much like a healer with good Survivability and Support stats. This class helps you to heal and buff friends. With low DPS, AOE, and medium Seal you won’t be doing much damage to your opponents with this class. So it is best to use Skysong to help allies in the battles.

Southern Border

This is a Support class with identical stats to Skysong. It includes extremely high Survivability and Support stats. However, it is unclear how these two classes perform in the battle individually. With low DPS, AOE, and a very low Seal this class will deal little damage.


This is the new classes which was not present in the original Jade Dynasty. It has a high Seal and Survivability and can be mostly used for strong defense. However, with low DPS, AOE, and Support longevity may be a tad constraining.

There are various classes in Jade Dynasty that can be used in your team rotation. This Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List should aid you in making speedy progress through the game.

Every time there is a change in the game, we will update Jade Dynasty New Fantasy Tier List. So, don’t forget to come back occasionally.

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