Jack n Hat Trophy Guide (NEW) – Roadmap and more

Welcome to the latest and updated Jack n Hat Trophy guide and roadmap for beginners. Jack n Hat features dazzling 16-bit pixel art, beautiful music, and precise controls that are reminiscent of the best old school platformers. Armed with the brilliant Dr. Expo Zicion’s latest invention, a boomerang-like hat, Jack must travel the planet in search of Energy Crystals. The only power source that will allow him to travel to the moon and put an end to Dr. Voo Doom’s plans for world dominance.

Along the way you can also collect various trophies, rewards and more. This Jack n Hat Trophy guide will give you a complete roadmap and how to unlock trophies in Jack n Hat game.

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Without ado, let us get started with this Jack n Hat Trophy guide.

Jack n Hat Trophy Guide – Roadmap

jack n hat trophy guide

The most important thing is to complete the first four levels of the game. This will allow you to confront the very first boss. To complete a level, you must first locate the diamond and then proceed to the exit. If you are missing any combat-related trophies, simply get into a level and complete it fast. You will get the platinum trophy by the end of the step.

Here is the list of Jack n Hat Challenge, Trophies and how to unlock them.

Challenge:How to Unlock:
Beam Me Up, Expo! (Gold Trophy)Warp into a level 4 times.
Boss Encounter! (Gold Trophy)Get into a fight with Echo.
Crate Breaker (Gold Trophy)Break 100 crates.
Eager To Learn (Gold Trophy)Read 3 hint signs.
Explosion Chain! (Gold Trophy)Cause a TNT explosion chain.
First Aid Training Paid Off (Gold Trophy)Used a Medicine.
First Jumps (Bronze Trophy)Jump 25 times.
Good-old Head Stomping (Gold Trophy)Defeat 5 enemies by jumping on their heads.
Hat Beats Gun (Gold Trophy)Defeat a Green Gunner.
Hat Brawler (Bronze Trophy)Defeat 5 enemies by throwing your hat.
Hat Swinger (Gold Trophy)Throw your hat 40 times.
Just Getting The Hang Of It (Gold Trophy)Died 5 times.
Platinum (Platinum Trophy)Get all the trophies
Rest Easy (Bronze Trophy)Activate a Check Point for the first time.
The End Of The Beggining (Gold Trophy)Get the Crystal and clear one level.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze Trophy)Get 100 diamonds.

About Jack n Hat

Hats are great for those who can pull them off. They’re a fashionable accessory that also serves as sun protection. They lack the ability to behave like a boomerang. If you throw them, they simply will not return. But not Jack’s hat, which will always find its way back to him. And he’ll need to use it to save the princess as well.

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