Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List – Best Heroes Guide

We have put together an Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List guide that will give you an overview of the heroes. It will also help you figure out who will be the best hero in Idle Arena Chaos Impact game.

Moreover, picking the best hero for optimal performance in any game is never easy. The Idle Arena Chaos Impact is in the same situation, and determining who will help you is difficult. That is why gamers must develop a better perspective from the Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List.

Some of these heroes are said to be the best bets in any game mode. If a player is able to obtain such a hero from this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List, we strongly advise that they be used with the appropriate team.

Without ado, let us get started with this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List – Best Heroes

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List

All the heroes in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List hold into three categories.

  • S tier – They are the best heroes, and they will have exceptional performance for any game mode.
  • A tier – The heroes are performing well than the average heroes, and they are so much strength to help throughout the gameplay journey.
  • B tier – Heroes in this tier list are not strong enough, but they are not weaker either. They are an excellent addition to a team if you look for a specific set of abilities within the gameplay.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List – S Tier

Ji Fa

  • Max Attack → 5620
  • Max HP → 30886

Ji Fa, the best melee character in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List. A powerful hero capable of taking down opponents armor and draining their souls. For maximum physical damage, give her the Gilded Axe.

Li Jing

  • Max Attack → 3033
  • Max HP → 44691

Despite the fact that Li Jing is a mortal hero, her massive HP pool makes her one of the best tank character in Idle Arena Chaos Impact. Using her Taunt and Damage Reduction abilities with Wonder Tower relic, she can deflect all damage from allies onto herself.


  • Max Attack → 5942
  • Max HP → 35214

Honyi is the best ranged character and deals the most damage in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List. The burst damage strike is particularly effective. Equip Honyi with the Sunset Bow and watch as your foes burn in flames.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List – A Tier


  • Max Attack → 4123
  • Max HP → 44213

Chang’e would be a wonderful alternative to Deng Chanyu as a both healer and an attacker. She can use her distinctive Moonlight relic to boost all of her comrade’s attack power.

Deng Chanyu

  • Max Attack → 4092
  • Max HP → 40115

Deng Chanyu is the best healer in the game right now. Along with reviving specific allies Deng can also use a healing AoE to restore all allies at once. In Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List, Deng is the best support character.

Jiang Ziya

  • Max Attack → 5621
  • Max HP → 33065

Jiang is a powerful wizard in this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List. The mage has a potential to suppress enemies healing abilities. Moreover, his staff can also be used to break an enemy’s armor.


  • Max Attack → 5946
  • Max HP → 30615

Nezha is an excellent attacker who is also highly versatile because of her Pursuit ability. She may also silence characters, erasing any buffs or debuffs they may have. As a result, she is one of the best character heroes at this Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List.

Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List – B Tier

Golden Crow

  • Max Attack → 2411
  • Max HP → 15284

Although this melee attacker does not have the most damage or HP, his Bleed and Leech abilities can be extremely useful during boss encounters. One ability causes foes to bleed out slowly, while another steals their health.


  • Max Attack → 1986
  • Max HP → 19378

Shiji may be a very important support character who can rebound incoming damage to defend her allies. In addition, she can also deal a decent amount of damage with her AoE ability.


  • Max Attack → 2849
  • Max HP → 19212

Another good debuff supporter with the ability to eliminate undesired status effects. Shennong may also transfer damage with other teammates, which is why combining him with other tanks is critical. Last but not least, he gets access to the Shennong Vessel, a rare artifact.


  • Max Attack → 1536
  • Max HP → 20548

Pangu can be a good tank substitute if you weren’t able to get Li Jing. His Taunt and Shield abilities provide him with increased defense against several strikes, and his Void Armor easily compensates for his meager HP.

Bone Spirit

  • Max Attack → 2555
  • Max HP → 15122

Many magicians have hidden abilities that make their low power appear to be far more threatening than it is. Bone Spirit can summon a Monster Aura to boost her critical hit chance and deal the most damage possible.

This ends the new Idle Arena Chaos Impact Tier List. For a wonderful gaming experience, be sure to use the proper team combination. Because this is how players can advance and improve their performance during the game.

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