How to water plants in Lens Island

Learn how to water plants in Lens Island game!

In this guide, we will discuss how to water plants in Lens Island. It is a brand-new survival game developed by Flow Studio. The Len’s Island is a game that combines calm architecture, farming, and crafting with violent battle, dungeon battles, and exploration. If you’re hoping to get into farming, this article will show you how to water plants in Lens Island.

In Lens Island, you’ll be in charge of a farm, tending to crops and livestock. Your water supply is one of the most crucial aspects. After all, it’s how you water your crops and plants.

Which is why we have created this guide on how to water plants in Lens Island.

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How to water plants in Lens Island

A Watering Can is required to water plants on Lens Island. With 8 Fiber, 15 Wood, and 5 Iron Shards, you can make a Workbench. Create your Watering Can after setting up your Workbench. You must now go to a Tool Chest and add the Watering Can to your hot bar. To begin watering, go to your farm where your plants are, choose the Watering Can, face the direction of your farm, and hit the W key. A basic Watering Can should be used twice before it runs out of water. When your Watering Can is empty, choose it and drag it to a well where you can click on it. This should replenish your watering can and allow you to resume watering.

Moreover, you can go through the video below for a complete Lens Island farming guide.

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