How to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria

In this guide, we will talk about how to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria mobile game. Tales of Luminaria is a mobile game developed by Colopl. The game is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and released on iOS and Android. Tales of Luminaria is an anime adaptation by Kamikaze Douga. Laplace, another member of the Gildllan Empire, is the centerpiece of the next Tales of Luminaria character trailer. She refers to herself as an evil witch, despite the fact that she fights with a bow.

Laplace in Tales of Luminaria has a vicious and seductive demeanor, as evidenced by her new character trailer. Laplace is not only a Gildllan Empire ally, but she is also a member of the Alphas. They are high-ranking members of the Empire. Also, she is nicknamed as Red Wolf because of her red appearance and costume.

Here is the Laplace Twitter character trailer showcasing her skills, abilities and appearance.

How to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria

How to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria

Although Laplace is favored by the emperor, there are many within the empire who distrust her. Even so, her charm and beauty have placed untold numbers of imperial soldiers under her spell. Here are some key takeaways after playing with Laplace in Tales of Luminaria for hours.

  • Bow hold attack of Laplace is very powerful. She can instantly kill her enemies with it.
  • If you hold the attack button for a few seconds, you can actually build the final attack. It will deal massive damage to the enemy.
  • Compared to other lesser powerful characters, her HOLD attack is not that great.

Go through the video below to see how to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria. You will properly see her in action there with all the special skills and abilities.

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