How to use Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite

Today we will discuss how to use brute chopper in Halo Infinite game. If you want to travel solo in a brute chopper, you must know how to use brute chopper in Halo Infinite. Operating the Chopper, on the other hand, may seem strange because it appears to defy established law of physics. Which is why in this guide we will give you a brief overview of how to use brute chopper in Halo Infinite.

Without further ado, let us find out how to use brute chopper in Halo Infinite.

How to use Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite

brute chopper halo infinite

Brute Chopper Design

The Brute Chopper is a heavily armored, dual-wheeled assault vehicle that is kept aloft by a gravity array under the rear seat and a massive double wheel in front. It is a Type-25 Rapid Ground Assault Vehicle used only by the Jiralhanae. The best way to describe the Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite is as an “anti-anything” vehicle. It has a powerful 35 mm auto-cannons that can easily take down most ground vehicles. Moreover, the large front blades can instantly destroy any light armored vehicle by ramming into it.

Brute Chopper Combat

Simply aim your reticle at a target and hold the Right Trigger (RT) to fire the guns of Brute Chopper in Halo Infinite. The fire rate is slow, but it does a good job of dealing damage to the opponent. Furthermore, the shots can be fired to a long distant opponent as well, allowing the Brute Chopper to be used at a distance.

A majority of Halo Infinite players do not use the Brute Chopper guns, instead they use it for its ability to ram other vehicles in particular. A perfectly timed boost right before colliding with another vehicle will likely burst into pieces. Some heavy vehicles such as Warthog may take two hits to burst, but it also depends on the vehicle health. Ramming is also effective against ground opponents in Halo Infinite. Simply time your boost to hit an enemy Spartan in the face, and they’ll be destroyed swiftly.

I highly recommend you to watch the video below for a Halo Infinite Brute Chopper breakdown.

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