How to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch?

In this Revived Witch guide, we will answer the most commonly asked question; how to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch mobile game. If you want to progress through the campaign in Revived Witch, you must upgrade your dolls.

Revived Witch is a lovely pixel-art RPG that blends top-down old-school exploring stages with hero recruitment, which are referred to as dolls in this game. You can conjure them by using the currency you earn on your missions. However, having the best Revived Witch doll is always vital for the large battles you’ll face later on.

While playing through the campaign, the primary way to increase the power of your dolls is to level them up. So learning how to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch will help you with steady progress in the game. There are several methods for upgrading a doll and thus increasing her power.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at this how to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch guide.

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How to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch?

How to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch

Dreamworld provides MANA, Ascension Materials, Doll Equipment, and Skill Materials. In order of importance, MANA > Ascension Materials > Skill Materials > Doll Equipment. All these items can be used to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch mobile game.

What is MANA in Revived Witch?

MANA is extremely important in the game, given that it is needed in level-up, ascension, skill upgrades, etc. But, the almighty game developers are considerate of us, it takes an Ascension 3 Akasha, Ascension 2 Cynetia, and Tuonel to pass MANA stage 6. Although it takes time, as long as the healing can keep up, there’s no harm in taking longer to beat the stage.

What is Ascension Materials in Revived Witch?

The stages for Ascension Materials aren’t that hard, just need 2 dolls near the recommended level, and you’ll do fine. If anything, you can add the Witch into your team lineup, regardless of it being a Guardian/Healer stage, Destroyer/Assassin stage, or Mage/Compeller stage.

What is Doll Equipment in Revived Witch?

Doll Equipment provides bonuses that can boost the power of a Doll greatly. Doll Equipment is dropped via campaign, so there’s no need to deliberately farm them, albeit in the early game it is much more advisable to farm for purples since the drops from the Campaign are either White, Green or Blue. It’s advisable to directly get Purple Gear to level 30, ignore the Gold Gear and aim straight for Rainbow Gear. All stages after the 1st do not drop Hematite or Chalcocite, they only drop silver, and later, Platinum.

How to Reroll for Best Dolls in Revived Witch?

You’ll meet your first Doll summon after completing the initial Revived Witch stages and reaching the Hall of Origin. A 10-time summon may yield one UR Doll, but the best part is that you can try 100 10-time summons until you’re satisfied with the results. You can reroll up to 100 times to see if you can win one UR and a few SSR Dolls along the road.

So that is how to upgrade dolls in Revived Witch mobile game.

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