How to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3

In this guide, I will show you how to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3. It is a brand-new game developed by Zynga game studio for mobile devices. The game resembles a real-life farming experience, with players being able to raise a variety of animals, harvest a variety of crops, build, develop, and perform a lot of other things in order to enjoy the peaceful farming life.

In the Farmville 3 game, the Pig is an animal. It can be picked every two days and can be used to produce truffles. Once a baby Pig is born, you can receive XP Experience Points. Whenever a player reaches a certain level, upgrading Pigs will only be available inside Reward Chests. If the value is N/A, the Pigs can’t be gained through the chest, and you’ll have to resort to the other option, which is breeding.

Unlocking Pigs in the game will not be enough. You will also have to build a home for Pigs in Farmville 3. As a result it is critical to understand how to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at this how to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3 guide.

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How to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3?

How to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3

As we all know, Pig Home is a third animal home in Farmville 3 and so many players want to know how to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3. Unlocking a Pig Home in Farmville 3 is actually very easily. This may take some time to complete because you will need to complete the lesson and then level up to unlock Pig Home. You’ll have access to the Bird and Cow Homes at first in the game.

Players in Farmville 3 can unlock the Pig Home by progressing to level 12. When you reach level 12, you will be rewarded with the Yorkshire Pig. If you claim it, you’ll be able to build a Pig Home in Farmville 3. Furthermore, for 1,150 coins, you can also access the Pig Farm, which is an area of land in the southern half of the map.

Gaining XP stars, which come from  new animals as they are brought to the farm, can be used to level up. This contains baby animals, which will appear when a couple of animals are paired together. You can also look into deliveries at the delivery board to obtain new animals.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Pig Home in Farmville 3 guide. Bookmark this website for latest gaming news, tier list and updated Farmville 3 guide.

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