How To Get Wood in Farmville 3?

In this Farmville 3 guide, let us take a look at how to get wood in Farmville 3 mobile game? Wood is a valuable resource in Farmville 3, as you must harvest it effectively early on in the game in order to survive and progress. Because wood can be used to craft many tools and buildings, it’s critical to understand how to get wood in Farmville 3.

Wood on the other hand isn’t just important at the start of the game. Learning how to get wood in Farmville 3, and even starting your own tree farm, will provide you with a steady supply of wood and other benefits.

So, without further ado, let us take a look at this how to get wood in Farmville 3 guide.

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How to get Wood in Farmville 3?

How to get wood in farmville 3?

First step to get wood in Farmville 3 is to cut down trees, logs, tree trunks, or discard certain types of garbage. Harvesting or cutting existing trees is the only way to start and progress in any farm building game. Begin the crafting process by chopping down nearby trees. Everything you need to build a shelter requires wood, and the most efficient way to get wood in Farmville 3 is to harvest trees.

Another way to obtain wood in Farmville 3 is to complete one of the tree-giving tasks. You must actually spend some of your energy in order to participate in that task. Energy is one of the most frequently used assets in the game, and it recharges slowly over time. If you are in urgent need of energy, you can watch an advertisement to get a boost.

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Farmville 3 Tips and Tricks

  • You can choose from a variety of animal breeds to create your own personalized animal farm. In Farmville 3 Exotic breeds such as alpacas and elephants are also included.
  • Animals that can produce raw goods can be further processed or sold raw in order to complete daily tasks and missions.
  • Every time you match and breed your animals, you will create a new breed. Each modern breed must produce rare farm products.
  • Join a Co-Op to complete special events that will unlock modern animals or farm items.
  • Customize your farmland by purchasing a variety of one-of-a-kind decorations from the store to beautify the farm.

About Farmville 3

Farmville was one of the most popular games on the most popular social networking platform, Facebook.  After a steady decline since 2011, the simulation game was launched for a sequel in 2012. Zynga announced the end of Farmville on September 27, 2020, after Facebook stopped supporting games that used Flash player. The company has stated that development for mobile devices will continue, with Farmville 3 that will follow the existing Farmville 2.

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