How To Find Silphium Resin In The Forgotten City

In this guide, we will show you how to find Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City game. The Forgotten City is a puzzle adventure role-playing game developed by Modern Storyteller and published by Dear Villagers, with extra funding from Film Victoria. You meet a few characters along the way who require your assistance. Lucretia is one of these characters, and when you first meet her, she needs your help to cure her poisoned friend.

For that, you require a Selphium Resin. Which is why we have created this how to find Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City guide. Without further ado, let us explore the best way to find Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City game.

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How To Find Silphium Resin In The Forgotten City

How To Find Silphium Resin In The Forgotten City

Talk to Lucretia

The first step in finding Silphium Resin is to speak with Lucretia in Apollo’s Shrine. When you speak with Lucretia, she will tell you that a friend of hers named Lulia died of poison. Lucretia claims to know how to cure the poison with a substance known as Silphium Resin. She will then inform you that she went to purchase Silphium Resin from a vendor named Deisus, but he demanded 1000 Denarii.

Handle Desius

In the second part of this how to find Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City, you have to be at the part of the conversation where you have an option to choose multiple choices. Here you have to select “I’ll get right on it”. You should see a quest indicator appear on your screen soon afterwards. Follow the indicator, and it will lead you directly to Desius. If he is having a conversation with Vergil, you must wait for them to finish before interacting with Desius.

When you are having a conversation with Desius, you will need to choose the following options:

  • I need Silphium Resin
  • How about I just take it instead? (The whispers will begin to tell you to take it and run)
  • You don’t know that for sure, I’ll take my chances. (The whispers will tell you to take it)

Rob Desius

After the conversation has concluded, proceed to Desius’ stall. It should be accompanied by a quest indicator. There will be a vase with a handle and a yellow band around the middle of this stall. This is the Silphium Resin, and you must go near it in order to steal it. You will have violated The Golden Rule by stealing it, and you must quickly return to the portal by following the quest indicator. This will start a time loop and return you to where you started. The only difference is that you’ll have the Silphium Resin in your inventory this time.

Return to Lucretia

When you come back from the portal area, you will return to Apollo’s Shrine. There, you need to speak with Lucretia again. Tell her that you have the Silphium Resin and hand it over to her so that she can cure her friend.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to find Silphium Resin in The Forgotten City. Bookmark this website for latest gaming news, tier list and updated The Forgotten City guide.

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