Higan Eruthyll Tier List (Updated) – Best Character Guide

Which characters to pick for a smooth sailing in Higan Eruthyll? Here is our latest and updated Higan Eruthyll tier list!

We have put together this Higan Eruthyll tier list to rank all the best characters in the game.

Higan: Eruthyll is a roguelike RPG in which players recruit heroes and fight with them in battle. While it might be enjoyable to play the game with a variety of characters, there are some perform better than others. This is where this Higan Eruthyll tier list ranking comes into play.

So, without ado let us get started with this Higan Eruthyll tier list guide.

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Higan Eruthyll Tier List – Best Character Guide

You can use this Higan Eruthyll tier list to pick the best characters in Higan Eruthyll game.

Higan Eruthyll Tier List – A Tier

Here is the A tier characters in our Higan Eruthyll tier list:

CharacterTypeVerdictRecommended PlayVerdict (combo)
EluyaDPSFate Sewed-the only healing reduction skill in the game. Massive burst dmg, the best DPS for single target.Shelton OutfitMassive DPS increase
SirsletDPMain DPS in Pyro family, high crit rate. A must for any team.Imperial CatMassive increase of Crit rate, a perfect match.
ScreamerUtilityAoE HPS, slient effect, increase of ATK SPD, utility & healer & rock n’ roll genius all in one, the ultimate Jack of all tradesSleek RatIncrease both HPS and HP
GyldanTankThe only 3-star guardian so far, easy to get, reliable tough big sis.Bao ZhengDecrease dmg taken & lower enemy’s ATK, a must for tanks.
KloarDPSHuge AoE, main DPS in Anemo family, easy to awaken to 6 starsGongsun CeA fit for any caster

Higan Eruthyll Tier List – B Tier

Here is the B tier characters in our Higan Eruthyll tier list:

CharacterTypeVerdictRecommended PlayVerdict (combo)
CiamkomDPSSummon, AoE, Stun effectOjitaA perfect match for his Passive.
FeneDPSPyro ranger, small AoE, high DPS, AoE buff, a bit meh for single target.DorothyMassive increase on ATK SPD.

Higan Eruthyll Tier List – C Tier

Here is the C tier characters in our Higan Eruthyll tier list:

CharacterTypeVerdictRecommended PlayVerdict (combo)
EupheriaTankHeroine char, decent shield, main Tank for Pyro family.ChrisIncrease HP&dmg mitigation, best for
KueenDPSAn assassin with AoE dmg, the Sinister Eye with flexible rangePhantomIncrease of P.ATK when hitting a low HP enemy
BlackDPSSmall AoE dmg, allowing the stack of Cold Encroaching, an effect that creates window period for burst dmgPhantomOverall increase of his ATK
IsaDPSFrozen Tomb-the only pull-in skill in the game able to control the pace and situation. Excellent debuff.OgiliaA perfect match for a caster who uses channelled skills
NunoHealerCut on energy cost+nice HPS+solid shield protection, a core for Anemo familyChrisAOE dmg mitigation
RoccoHealerMassive HPS and increase of team ult energy, a lively girl.Sleek RatIncrease both HPS and HP

Higan Eruthyll Tier List – D Tier

Here is the D tier characters in our Higan Eruthyll tier list:

Character Type Verdict Recommended PlayVerdict (combo)
MireyaDPSHalf DPS half utility, a solid choice in hydro team.DorothyA must for a char who rely on ATK SPD
UmeTankAble to knock up &interrupt, the only loli in hydro familyTimmyRestore HP
CellaHealerPhysical shield and nice healing abilityChrisAOE dmg mitigation
AsaHealerDecent utility for the team early onChrisAOE dmg mitigation

Tips for playing Higan Eruthyll

When your character reaches Level 40, don’t spend all your Starlight Revelation on making character wishes. You better wish for decent play inspirations. A whole set of plays could boost your character’s ability to another level.

Remember to upgrade your character’s skills. Don’t let the skill level fall too far behind the character level. The test period only lasts two weeks. Low star-level characters are easier to be fully awakened and aren’t necessarily inferior to their high star-level counterparts.

Once fully awakened, they could get a significant enhancement. So enhancing your current characters might be a better strategy than going all in to wish for high star-level characters. Sailing Theatre in the Vessel is a good place for you to have a rest and enjoy leisure time with your troupe girls.

If it feels grindy after some battles, make sure to have some fun there.

This is the complete Higan Eruthyll tier list. We hope it was helpful for players to choose their characters in the game.


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