Heroes Online World Tier List (2022) – Best Quirks

Harbor the power of the best quirks using this Heroes Online World tier list Wiki.

The guide below provides you with a Heroes Online World tier list of the best Quirks in the game. Heroes Online is continually adding new features, so we will try to add as much information as possible. Make sure you bookmark this page for latest updates in this Heroes Online World tier list.

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Without ado, let us get started with this Roblox Heroes Online World Tier List.

Roblox Heroes Online World Tier List

Roblox Heroes Online World Tier List

Here is the latest Roblox Heroes Online World Tier List of the best quirks in the game:

Quirks Tier
Hellflame, Dark Shadow S+
Manifestation, Explosion, All For One S
One For All, Ice, Cremation, One For All Prime A+
Navel laser, Flame A
Cement, Foldabody, Bloodcurdle, Fat Absorption B+
Creation, Zero Gravity B
Overhaul, Acid, Hardening C
Regen, Somnambulist, Engine, Electrification, Muscle Augmentation D

Which Are The Best Quirks In Heroes Online?

The strongest quirk + gear combo in the game is Hellflame and Dark Shadow combined with Aizawa’s scarf. Furthermore, we have placed Manifestation in the S tier because it is extremely quick and has a large number of strikes and combos to choose from.

Heroes Online is mainly based on the player’s ability to move around other players and maps quickly and precisely. Moreover, a strong emphasis is on knowing when to attack at specific locations so that the attacks don’t miss.

We judged everything with a rank of B or higher to be viable. B tier and lower demand far too much effort to master the quirk, it’s too predictable, there aren’t enough combos, and it’s generally a mediocre quirk.

Al last, a lot of attacks in this game have odd properties if the user is moving at a high speed before the attack comes out. So make sure you select an appropriate quirk that suits your playstyle.

For future updates, the Heroes Online World tier list can be found here. We hope that this post was useful in identifying the best quirks for our readers.

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