Heroes of Dark Tier List – Heroes of Dark best characters

Do you want to know about the new Heroes of Dark Tier List? If yes, then for you, we’ve classified the characters into groups based on our interpretation of the game. Our Heroes of Dark Tier List rankings are really not written in stone, but they’re based on heroes we think are the best. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the Heroes of Dark Tier List.

The Heroes of Dark Tier List ratings below represent the strength of the characters when they are acquired; a 1-star character may be more useful than a 4-star character. However, this should give you a good understanding of who the game’s top characters are.

Heroes of Dark Tier List - Best characters in the game

Heroes of Dark Tier List

Heroes of Dark Character ListTypeRating
Albus, the EmperorNukerFour Star
MorwennaAssassinFour Star
Nifa, the VanquisherRangerFour Star
Aurlin, the BeastBruiserThree Star
Daeva von MeremothNukerThree Star
LucretiaAssassinTwo Star
Countess MaglaRangerTwo Star
Osgoth, the BlightNukerTwo Star
Voss, the Royal OneSupportTwo Star
La CroixSupportOne Star
GrimrTankOne Star
Birsha von MeremothBruiserOne Star
MantisAssassinFour Star
FangrimSupportFour Star
HalbjornTankThree Star
Dr. WolfgangSupportThree Star
LocustAssassinThree Star
BishopRangerOne Star
IzaraNukerOne Star
Kha’alilTankOne Star
AliceRangerFour Star
Dame VickyRangerThree Star
Nicole LambdaSupportThree Star
SadaharuAssassinThree Star
CatherineBruiserTwo Star
AlessaTankTwo Star
DorianBruiserOne Star
AltinaySupportOne Star
Stamatus AbernathyRangerOne Star

The Heroes of Dark Tier List – Heroes of Dark Best characters, which has been provided by the Heroes of Dark community.

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About Heroes of Dark

Heroes of the Dark is a strategy role-playing game developed by the well-known Gameloft studio. The game lets you immerse yourself in the dark mysteries of the Victorian era while also engaging in strategic gameplay and dynamic RPG battles. Heroes of Dark is based on a thrilling story where Vampiric arcane knowledge masters, Werewolf tribes, and the last surviving Humans compete for the powerful Moon Crystal and control of the Heart of Tenebris. A moon crystal is an ancient relic that is used to control the tides of fate.

Game Features


Discover the dynamics of a magical, war-ravaged Earth where Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans come together as heroes and villains in broken alliances.


Recruit, train, and equip a multi-species team of Humans, Werewolves, and Vampires, each with their own backstory and set of skills.


At all costs, safeguard your mansion. Upgrade it to an unstoppable headquarters for your quest, as well as a safe haven for all species to coexist in peace.

How to download the updated version of Heroes of Dark?

The updated version can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store websites.

Title – Heroes of the Dark

Genre – Strategy

Developer – Gameloft

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