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What is united must be divided. What is divided must be brought together. Ideally, you’ll be the one to complete the second part in Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms. However, if you want to rule the game, you’ll need every advantage you can get. Our Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide is here to help you! Keep these tips in mind and, if you are wise and bold, the top spot is as good as yours.

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Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms Guide & Wiki

Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms Guide

Without further ado let us get started with this Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide.

Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms Gameplay

Let us first go through the overall gameplay of Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms mobile game.

General Collection & Training

Tough times call for heroes! More than 200 of the best generals in the Three Kingdoms with their own unique skills! General summon, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, and research system in order to form the strongest team!

Train generals and form the strongest team through an improved training system!


Over 200 generals with unique skills are divided into the camps of Wei, Shu, Wu, and Warlords and Heroes, and are classified as Rapid Fire, Penetration, or Explosive types with their skill characteristics.

Generals can be obtained through gameplay rewards, general summon, general combination, and more so collect generals and create your unique strategy depending on the opponent and content!


You can level-up generals by collecting EXP Books, promote them by collecting general fragments, and upgrade their skills by collecting skill upgrade stones.

If you want to train stronger generals, try crafting and upgrading equipment and accessories through the Blacksmith and equip them to your generals. You will be able to experience stronger generals like never before. Additionally, a special effect will be granted to accessories which require special materials so try crafting them for stronger generals!

Carry out various Research related to general training and battles! In tough battles, various [passive skills] can be obtained through the corresponding Research.

Next in this Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide is game modes.


Action-packed battles unfolding at your fingertips! Casual gameplay with easy controls! Intense gaming experience with glamorous skills!

Form the strongest team through general skills, team combination, and formation effects to become victorious with your unique strategy!

The battles in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms are separated into Shooting mode, which requires control, and Battle Mode, which requires strategy of placing generals.

  • Infinity Rush → A shooting mode PVE content breaking through endless waves. Achievement and ranking rewards can be obtained through weekly points.
  • Expedition → Various items can be obtained by defeating a powerful boss every week. It is a shooting mode PVE content where the thrill of barrage can be experienced. Achievement and ranking rewards can be obtained through weekly points.
  • Duel → A turn based auto-battle PVP content where a maximum of 9 Generals can be placed to prove one’s skills by competing with other players using unique strategies. Achievement and ranking rewards can be obtained through weekly points.
  • Commentary → A shooting mode PVE content where various rewards can be obtained through the progression of the dramatized Three Kingdoms story.
  • Incident → A shooting mode PVE content which is separated into daily incidents and limited incidents. In the daily incident, rewards can be obtained by clearing incidents which happen daily. In the limited incident, points can be earned by clearing time-limited incidents and rewards can be obtained related to the number of points earned.
  • Storm the Gate → A turn based auto-battle PVE content where players can enjoy strategic gameplay experience by clearing various gate missions with a maximum of 9 Generals placed in battle.


Form an alliance with other players! By creating or joining an alliance, you can have the upper hand in various battles or even participate in the Alliance Expedition every week. More content which can be enjoyed with allies will be updated, so the alliance is a must!

  • Alliance benefit → Increase the level of your alliance through daily attendance or donation. As your alliance grows, more members can join and better benefits can be received!
  • Alliance Expedition → A content which can be cleared by working together with your alliance members. Like the normal Expedition, a powerful boss appears every week. The boss will have lined and ranged attack patterns, so defeat the boss by sharing information with your alliance members and earn rewards.

Next in this Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide is missions and events.

Mission & Event

Participate in the missions and events in-game everyday! Special rewards and surprises are waiting for you.


Various rewards can be obtained by completing in-game missions. In-game missions are separated into daily mission, special mission, weekly mission, and achievement. MUDOL Stones which can be exchanged to MUDOL2 Tokens can be obtained through special missions. Don’t forget to participate in missions everyday!


Various events are held both in-game and in the community. For in-game events, there are login event, lord level achievement event, season limited incident event, collection event, lucky spinning wheel event, arena participation event, and more so participate and earn special rewards!

For community events, there will be various authentication events and referral events so don’t forget to check out the community!

Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms Economy

Let us now go through the overall economy of Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms mobile game.


Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms established the P2E system through MUDOL Stone and $MUDOL2. MUDOL2 Token($MUDOL2) is a new digital asset which can be traded to MUDOL Stones, an essential in-game currency. MUDOL Stones can also be traded to $MUDOL2.

MUDOL Stones can be earned by completing special missions or through the PVP and PVE ranking rewards inside Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. MUDOL Stones can be used in the designated area.

The need for MUDOL Stones, which have a specific usage in-game, becomes higher with game play and players can either spend more time playing the game or purchase $MUDOL2 in order to obtain MUDOL Stones. MUDOL Stones used in-game as such is given as a reward to players and token holders who contribute to the P2E ecosystem and distributed to the Play to Earn pool, in order to maintain the P2E ecosystem.

The P2E in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is separated from the game and will be serviced in the Official Global Website.

MUDOL2 Token ($MUDOL2)

MUDOL2 Token is the utility token and governance token of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. $MUDOL2 can be traded with MUDOL Stones, which can be obtained through game play.

Voting rights(vMUDOL) are given to $MUDOL2 holders by staking $MUDOL2 in the official global website, which can be used to participate on votes in the governance and exert influence.

$MUDOL which was distributed during the launch of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms in Korea can be swapped to $MUDOL2 with a ratio of 100:1 through the official global website. $MUDOL2 which can be traded with $MUDOL will be distributed linearly for 180 Days as the initial issuance supply.

In order for $MUDOL holders during the early global launch to receive benefits, vMUDOL will be given based on the vesting period when applying for swap.

When applying for $MUDOL swap, vMUDOL can be received based on the vesting period and Mudol Stone used in-game can be received as $MUDOL2, the same as staking $MUDOL2. If you claim the vested $MUDOL2, your share ratio of vMUDOL will decrease.

For example, If Alice applies for 1,000 $MUDOL swap on the swap contract day, she will receive 10 vMUDOL, through an applied ratio of 100:1. Alice’s $MUDOL is vested for 180 days and converted to $MUDOL2 per block unit. At the same time, she can receive Mudol Stone used in-game as $MUDOL2 everyday based on her share ratio. If Alice claims the converted 5 $MUDOL2 after 90 days, she earns a share ratio of 5 vMUDOL.

That concluded our Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide. It’ll be a long and winding journey from humble beginnings but the advice in this Hero Blaze Three Kingdoms guide might help smooth some of the bumps on the road.


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