Grand Piece Online Trello (NEW) – Tier List, Codes & Wiki

In this Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello, we are going to take a look at the new Grand Piece Online Tier List, Grand Piece Online Codes and Wiki.

If you’re searching for free rewards, our collection of Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello codes is a great place to start. Furthermore, if you’re not sure how to redeem Grand Piece Online Trello Codes, look below the codes list for instructions. In addition, we have also included Grand Piece Online Tier List of the Best Devils Fruits in this new Grand Piece Online Trello.

Without any further ado, let us get started with this Grand Piece Online Trello and Wiki.

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Grand Piece Online Trello & Wiki

Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello

Grand Piece Online is a long-awaited ROBLOX sailing game. The game allows to you explore unknown islands, hunt for gold and unusual fruits said to empower those who consume them. Moreover, you will face formidable bosses, and form and abandon crews.

Your path is unique and inspired by the popular shounen manga One Piece.

Next in our Grand Piece Online Trello is the GPO Tier List.

Grand Piece Online Tier List – GPO Tier List

Here is the latest and updated Grand Piece Online Tier List:

GPO Tier List – Rank D

  • Kilo → Common
  • Suke → Common
  • Spin → Common
  • Gomu → Rare

GPO Tier List – Rank C

  • Horo → Rare
  • Mero → Rare
  • Bari → Rare

GPO Tier List – Rank B

  • Gura → Legendary
  • Bomu → Rare
  • Zushi → Legendary

GPO Tier List – Rank A

  • Goro → Legendary
  • Hie → Legendary
  • Suna → Legendary
  • Pika → Legendary

GPO Tier List – Rank S

  • Tori → Mythical
  • Mera → Legendary
  • Magu → Legendary

The game is balanced so that each of the fruit in the above GPO Tier List is viable and powerful in its own way. However, the top tier Fruits will give you the best powers in every area of the game, including fighting opponents, destroying ships, and fighting other players.

Now, in this Grand Piece Online Trello, we will look at the most recent codes that can be redeemed for free race rolls and other items.

What Are GPO Codes?

Grand Piece Online codes are giveaways delivered by the developer that typically host a lot of in-game incentives.

Grand Quest Games usually releases the codes following an update, so keep an eye on our list for latest GPO Codes.

Grand Piece Online Codes Wiki

Here is the latest list of Grand Piece Online Codes:

Active GPO codes:

  • 470K14XRACEREROLLS → Redeem this GPO code for free race rerolls.
  • 450K15XRACEREROLLS → Use this GPO code for free race rerolls.
  • 435K8XRACEREROLLS → Redeem this GPO code for free race rerolls.

How To Get New Grand Piece Online Code?

You may keep an eye on the official social media page’s to see if any new codes have been released.

However, I highly recommend bookmarking our website for future reference while looking for new GPO Redeem Codes.

We update this list with new codes as they become available, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them anywhere elsewhere.

That’s all you need to know about this Roblox Grand Piece Online Trello.

Stay tuned for the latest Roblox news and updates.

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