Goddess Era Tier List (NEW) – Best Characters Ranked

Are you looking for the latest Goddess Era Tier List? We have got you covered in this Goddess Era.

It hasn’t been long since the game’s global release. Moreover, the Goddess Era already has many heroes with various roles, skills, and abilities. If you are new to this game, you may not know which heroes are good and which should be avoided. As a result, we have put together a Goddess Era Tier List that you are going to find helpful.

So without ado, let us get started with this Goddess Era Tier List of the best characters.

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Goddess Era – Best Character Guide

This Goddess Era Tier List has been divided into six categories for each of the heroes.

  • SS tier → these heroes are superior to all others, and they are the greatest with the most powerful numbers who will never disappoint you in battle.
  • S tier → In this category, the heroes will be the second most powerful in the game.
  • A tier → Heroes in this are the most powerful but cannot match with SS and S.
  • B tier → These are the heroes who will be in the middle, neither too good nor too bad.
  • C tier → These are adequate, but they are not as useful as a starting character. In general, however, they have some nice attributes.
  • D tier → These are the game’s weaker characters, thus they’re hardly even worth a peek.

Goddess Era Tier List

Goddess Era tier list

So below is the new Goddess Era Tier List rankings, and you should pick the best one because they will have a direct impact on your performance.

Character Tier
Dracula SS tier
Lucifer SS tier
Isabella SS tier
Hades SS tier
Alice SS tier
Valkyrie SS tier
Abe Seimei S tier
Bloody Mary S tier
Athena S tier
Merlin S tier
Lilith S tier
Michael S tier
Venus S tier
Chang’e A tier
Hanzo Hattori A tier
Poseidon A tier
Gabriel A tier
Jester A tier
Cleopatra A tier
Lancelot B tier
Tamamo B tier
Pandora B tier
Apollo B tier
Protagonist B tier
Medusa B tier
Loki C tier
Snow White C tier
Marco Polo C tier
Cupid C tier
Fenrir C tier
Michelin C tier
Sherlock C tier
Angel C tier
Slime King D tier
Vivian D tier
Captain Kidd D tier
Robin Hood D tier
Gawain D tier
Shakespeare D tier
Red Riding Hood D tier

Which Is The Best Character In Goddess Era?

As per this Goddess Era Tier List, the Dracula also referred as the “King-Vampire” is one of the best characters in the game.

Dracula has some great speed and versatility to deal better with enemies in PVP stages. Not only that, Dracula can also strengthen the battlefield endurance of his teammates.

That’s all there is to know about the Goddess Era Tier List.

We’ve covered the most interesting characters in this thrilling game. Goddess Era will keep you interested in a long time thanks to its large number of amazing characters.


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