[NEW] Girls Connect Idle RPG Tier List & Reroll Guide

Looking for the latest Girls Connect tier list? We have got you covered in this guide!

All the characters are ranked in this Girls Connect Idle RPG Tier List from S tier to D tier. Any beginner or experienced player should check this Girls Connect tier list to select the best characters in Girls Connect for the battle strategy.

In all of our Tier List articles, we promote balanced teams with effective offensive and defense methods because they are always preferred over imbalanced teams. Remember that the Girls Connect Idle RPG tier list is meant to be used as a general guide. The characters highlighted in S rank are statistically stronger, although any character can shine under the appropriate circumstances.

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Girls Connect Idle RPG Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Girls’ Connect is a Waifu-collection, idle RPG with 70+ unique Waifus for Players to collect. However, in this Girls Connect Idle RPG tier list, we have only mentioned the most preferred characters.

S-TierLabis, Gulfing, Niord, Bingtang Fros, Utega, Mira, Tsubasa, Aurora, Sigurdley
A-TierSetsu, Misty, Rin, Hela, Yuna, Leviathan, Arabel, Donle, Daisy, Sherra, Specter, Dante, Cadley, Cottonwood, Puro, Nia, Epsilon
B-TierBahamud, Kuzunoha DW, Petrolia, Alice, Mirenne, Silassia, Bonaire, Bradley, Nicolas
C-TierKuzunoha Muda, Rangetsu, Chloe, Lorele, Penguasa Salju, Ensire, Vel, Gagak Hitam, Michelle, Rudy, Tenjin
D-TierKetty, Shikiona, Sylas, Liffa, Sasha, Pan, Granine, Averna, Elvie,

That concludes our Girls Connect Idle RPG tier list. Now let us go through the Girls Connect reroll guide below.

Girls Connect Reroll Guide

Simply follow the steps outlined below to perform reroll in the Girls Connect Idle RPG game:-

  • Firstly, download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Then, log in to the game using a guest account.
  • Now, complete the tutorial and finish the prologue.
  • At last, start summoning the characters on the next window.

Who Are The Best Character In Girls Connect Tier List?

If we look at the best characters in the Girls Connect Idle RPG tier list, we can start with Labis or Niord because of their attributes and skills that excel in the early game. Then we can take Mira or Setsu as a good unit as they have a continuous strength to challenge opponents in the game.


This concludes the Girls Connect Idle RPG tier list, and we sincerely hope that you will all make the best decision by using the information provided. Always put more emphasis on having an SSR unit because they will be able to help you the most over the long term.

So, good luck on your journey.


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