Ghostlore Guide 2022 – Class Reset, Tips & More

Today, we’re bringing you the comprehensive Ghostlore guide, in which we go over everything you need to know about the game.

Ghostlore is published by AT-AT Games on the Steam platform. Ghostlore is a ‘Eastpunk’ Action-RPG in which you fight Southeast-Asian folklore creatures. The game has a rich character customization system, dynamically generated maps, and magnificent 2D isometric visuals for players to experience. Not only that, Ghostlore is inspired by classic ARPGs such as Diablo 2 and Titan Quest.

We found Ghostlore a fun game to play, but establishing yourself as a serious player can get a bit difficult as you progress in the game. As a result, it’s important to follow an appropriate Ghostlore guide in order to maximize your success and cut down on lost time.

Without ado, let us get into this beginner Ghostlore guide, tips and more.

Ghostlore Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

ghostlore guide

The goal of this section in our Ghostlore guide is to address and clarify frequently asked questions within the community. This Ghostlore guide also provides detailed information on topics that some people may be puzzled about.

How long is the current game?

At the moment there are about 60% of the game implemented in terms of maps and enemies. As a beginner, it can take you from 3 hours to beat the whole game and hit the endgame “Hell gate Island.”

So what is the endgame of Ghostlore like?

Endgame in Ghostlore is achieved when you finish all levels in the game, you will unlock an extra map called “Hell gate Island”.

How it works is you start from Depth 1, and it will randomly generate a level and add some differently generated bosses to said map. Once you finish the objective for that map, a red portal will open that brings you to the next depth level, the farther your depth the harder it gets.

What exactly happens when you hit max level?

In Ghostlore the max level you can hit is well infinite, it does not end. However, at level 50 you stop gaining skill points and new glyph slots, although it will say you get more of them it’s a lie.

Although when you level up past 50 you will receive an extra 30 HP/MP per level.

Can I change my class?

When you start the game off you can pick your first class, at level 15 you can select a second class, and at level 30 you unlock your final class. Now you can change assigned skill points, however you cannot reset any of your 3 classes you picked for levels 1, 15 and 30.

To reset skill points you have assigned, you can go to Seaport and buy a book for 10,000 coins from a vendor which will reset all passive perks and skill points you have spent.

What are these “glyphs” in the game?

When playing Ghostlore you will see a few things dropping, equipment, gems, food, crafting materials and even glyph’s.

But how do they work exactly?

Well this is an easy question to answer, and I will provide that info here in this Ghostlore guide itself.

When you enter your inventory you will notice on the right side you can equip items and also view your current inventory. The left panel showcases your glyph’s, if you have an empty glyph slot you can put a glyph in it to buff your character with whatever stat it provides.

You can also find special runes that have a unique shape to them, these are called compound glyphs. When you put them in they will take 1 slot in the glyph panel but will show a Tetris type shape of some sort.

It will tell you what type of buff you get as each respective glyph is in one of its slots. You can equip multiple of the same “Tetris” type glyph’s and continue stacking their bonuses, however having two of the same smaller glyph’s in one of the Tetris ones will not stack.

My space is so limiting, how might I solve it?

In Seaport there is a cat that acts as your bank, speaking to it lets you place gems, and anything you might want to hoard in to its storage!

Okay, but this doesn’t solve my inventory issue, so what’s the point?

By doing one of the story quests you can acquire a “Commodity Cube” which acts as an extra inventory that will automatically pick up and store food, potions and some crafting materials, additionally you can put gear and items into it too, this will be a huge help in your loot collecting adventure!
Shrine of Balance

What exactly is a Shrine of Balance?

When exploring a map, players can encounter a weird fire shrine that is called a “Shrine of Balance.” Players can sacrifice items to this shrine and the item will go to other players, they don’t even have to be playing with you.

When a player receives this item, a “kill count” will build up with the item. Then when they sacrifice it they will have a chance to receive a better weapon depending on the kill count.

Always remember that, kill count only builds up on gear that is equipped, and only gear that is equipped when received from a sacrificed item from another player.

You’ll know if you receive a players item because it will have their name on the piece of gear.

That’s all from this Ghostlore guide.

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