Friends Racing Gift Codes (NEW) – Get free vehicle upgrades

Please note that the Friends Racing codes are valid for a very limited period of time only!

Friends Racing is one of the most popular racing video games for mobile devices. It has been loved by many since its launch. There are various things that gamers search about it online, but what they search for the most is Friends Racing Gift Codes that can be used to get free rewards.

Some players are curious whether there is a gift code option in Friends Racing and how to redeem codes in Friends Racing. We will go over everything that you need to know about Friends Racing Gift Codes in this article. So without further ado, let us get started.

What is a Friends Racing Gift Code

It is a limited validity code that has been released by the game’s developer to deliver free in-game stuff such as vehicles, tokens, credits, and skins. The only disadvantage of Friends Racing Gift Codes is that they expire quickly. So, if you truly want to obtain the free items, you’ll have to redeem the code quickly before they’re all gone.

How to redeem Friends Racing Codes

Here are all the steps to redeem codes in Friends Racing.

  • Launch Friends Racing on your device
  • Click on the Profile Icon from the top left corner of your screen
  • Now hit the ‘Gift Code‘ options on the new screen
  • A text box will pop up on the screen. Type Friends Racing Codes from the list one by one
  • Finally, confirm your choice and check your in-game inventory for all the rewards you earned

The Latest Friends Racing Gift Codes

This is a complete list of all the active and valid Friends Racing Gift Codes that you can redeem to get rewards in the game.

  • M01YNB342X230 – Redeem this Friends Racing Gift Code for free gold and other rewards.

We will be updating our working list of Friends Racing Gift Codes as soon as they are issued. So bookmark this page and come back for latest codes for Friends Racing game.

Friends Racing Features

  • 1. Duo system – Now compete with 2 racers and 2 karts at any time during the match, you can switch to the waiting kart and racer. Combine various kart and racer abilities to create your own strategy and attack the track.
  • 2. Kart Modifications – Now you can customize the performance of your kart in various ways. Through the skill module, you can get various passive skills that help the game. Create your own kart through modifications.
  • 3. Action Skill – Each skin has a special action skill. Use the action skills of the skin to win the match.
  • 4. Single player support – Join a tour and enjoy a single play game, not a league that competes with other users.
  • 5. Participate in tours – A new tour is held every day, and you can get various rewards by attacking the stage.

Game Information

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