Flash Party Tier List – Best Character Guide

The Flash Party Tier List includes a group of the best Flash Party characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. With so many best characters in Flash Party to choose from, it can be difficult to pick one. Therefore, in order to help you in deciding the best characters in Flash Party, we have compiled this Flash Party Tier List.

Flash Party Tier List is focused on a character’s ability to fight strong opponents. Moreover, this Flash Party character guide is based on my own experiences, and it may be different in other places.

Now before we get into this Flash Party Tier List let us first understand the game features.

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Flash Party Game Introduction

XD ENTERTAINMENT PTE. LTD developed Flash Party, a platform fighting game for mobile devices. The game features vibrant characters that can be fought online against other players. You have to jump, dodge, and deflect incoming attacks while unleashing a slew of fighting moves on your opponents.

Moreover, you can use your best combo to knock them off the arena floor and deliver the smackdown. Choose from eight distinct characters, with more being added to the game on a regular basis. In order to win every game, master each character’s unique fighting style and find the one that best suits your own play style.

Now, without further ado, let us find out the best characters in Flash Party Tier List.

Flash Party Tier List (Best Characters Guide)

Flash Party Tier List

Before proceeding, readers should be aware that all the characters have been ranked from Tier S which are the best to Tier C which are the worst.

Flash Party Tier List (S Tier)

With the right aspect, these Flash Party Characters can carry your game on their own. They are in S Tier because they will do it every time, no matter what.

  • Sophia → S Tier
  • Mikko → S Tier

Flash Party Tier List (A Tier)

These are some of the most dependable units you should probably consider in the game. They are not as good as S Tier but are not even worst.

  • Alice → A Tier
  • Tina Sivi → A Tier

Flash Party Tier List (B Tier)

Flash Party B Tier characters are very solid units. But their gains can vary because better copies of their class are available in S Tier or A Tier.

  • Magician → B Tier
  • Heracles → B Tier

Flash Party Tier List (C Tier)

The characters in Flash Party C Tier are least wanted by players.

  • Cupid → C Tier

Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully, this guide will help players who prefer to read tier lists instead of wasting their time testing random stuff. We hope you enjoy reading this Flash Party Tier List.

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