Flash Party Beginners Guide – Tips, Tricks and more

Hello, today we bring you the latest Flash Party Beginners Guide and update. In this Flash Party Beginners Guide, you will be able to learn more about the latest Flash Party game by XD ENTERTAINMENT. We will be talking about some of the things you need to know before you start playing Flash Party mobile game.

You should also take a look at our latest Flash Party Tier List of the best characters in the game and Sdorica Characters Tier List. Without further ado, let us get started with Flash Party Beginners Guide.

Flash Party Beginners Guide – Introduction

Flash Party Beginners Guide

Flash Party is a fighting game in which you can play as a variety of characters including Sivi, a wonder boy genius, Mikko, a friendly Yeti, and Sophia, an Apple Gal. You need to master each hero’s unique fighting style and choose the one that best suits your play style.

Flash Party Guide – Main Lobby

Flash Party Beginners Guide – Lobby is a place where you’ll discover multiple options to select. You will find everything about the things that are being offered in the lobby in the Flash Party Beginners Guide below. Some of the options that you will find in the main lobby are as under:

Player Profile

This is a section where you will see your own main profile including earned stars, lists of wins and battles including 1v1, 2v2 and brawl as well as your global rankings.

Flash Party Player Star Ranking

You can see all the players currently rated on the leaderboard, from Star Ranking to Hero Rank, in the Player Star Rankings section. Mainly, you will see a ranking of your Flash Party characters in this section.

Flash Party Hero Ranking

You can view how many stars a player has earned over battles in the Hero Rank area. You can also change your hero to see for yourself.

Flash Party Star Pass

The next section in our Flash Party Beginners Guide is the Star Pass. Based on your total star progress, you will gain Chests, Coins, Nova Multiplier, Stardust, Energies for your heroes, Unlock Heroes and Game Modes, and Unlock Heroes and Game Modes. Your star progress will be removed once every 14 days.

Flash Party Season Star Battle Pass

You can receive Chests, Coins, KO Effect, Energy, Emojis, and even a limited edition hero skin in Season Star Battle Pass. Every 80 days, the Star Battle Pass expires, so make sure you finish your progress before the season ends.

Flash Party Star Battle Missions

The next section in this Flash Party Beginners Guide is the star battle missions. You must acquire Novas by completing Missions and using 200 Novas per day to gain them (refreshes every 2 hours). You may also modify the current mission to a new one by refreshing the quest by just hitting the refresh icon.

Here are some list of Flash Party Chests that you can collect from the Star Pass and Star Battle Pass.

Star Chest – Up to 2 rewards

  • Coins: 20 – 30
  • Energies: 17 – 34
  • Nova multiplier 2x for 24 hours (can increase based on how many chests are opened)
  • Slight chance on getting Heroes or Party Stickers

Lumi Chest – Up to 3 or 4 rewards

  • Coins: 40 – 90
  • Energies: 35 – 49
  • Nova multiplier 2x for 24 hours (can increase based on how many chests are opened)
  • Moderate chance on getting Heroes or Party Stickers

Aura Chest – Up to 4 or 5 rewards

  • Coins: 120 – 150
  • Energies: 50 – 71
  • Nova multiplier 2x for 24 hours (can increase based on how many chests are opened)
  • High chance on getting Heroes or Party Stickers

That is our today’s tour of Flash Party game. I hope you learned more about the game, as there are many things you should be aware of in order to be prepared for action.

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