Figure Fantasy Tier List – Best characters guide

After a lengthy wait, we finally had a chance to create this Figure Fantasy Tier List. In this Figure Fantasy guide, we have arranged the Figure Fantasy characters from best to worst based on their ability and firepower.

Picking the best characters in Figure Fantasy is a difficult task. In order to make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a Figure Fantasy Tier List that shows some of the best characters in the game.

So, without further delay, let us find out the best characters in Figure Fantasy Tier List.

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Figure Fantasy Tier List

figure fantasy tier list

The performance of each character in various stages is the centerpiece of the Figure Fantasy Tier List. We’d like to point out that the tier list is broken into three categories: S, A and B. Unlike any other tier list, the characters in tier B are also capable of individually performing good in the game.

Figure Fantasy Tier List (S Tier)

Camus – She has a powerful jamming effect “lock” that interferes with the enemy’s movements and reduces damage. Moreover, you can attack the entire enemy in one go. She is easy to pair with flaming and frozen characters, and goes well with a wide range of other support characters.

Hisanohara – Second-best character in this Figure Fantasy Tier List. The mystery of hisanohara increases damage by 100% on the first activation. When organized with Sakura, the damage to the first activation will increase further, so it will be compatible.

Virginia – She has a powerful mystery that attacks the entire enemy. Attacks reach enemies in the rearguard, which tend to be low in HP, making it easy to defeat attackers first and take advantage. In addition, when it reaches SLv2 or higher, it deals additional damage to frozen enemies, so it is compatible with characters who are good at freezing.

Lu Bu – The character has the effect of pursuing attacking skills, and has the characteristic of being easy to earn damage by normal attacks. Pursuits are probabilistic, but increasing the frequency of occurrence increases when the status of the effect hit is increased. It’s also a good match for the ability to increase attack speed, so it’s a good idea to support it with your allies’ skills and badges.

Yolanda – Can deal damage to the enemy in front of you by setting the enemy on fire for 5 seconds. After that, she uses the reagent to strengthen itself for 5 seconds.

Figure Fantasy Tier List (A Tier)

Ahrendz Bel – She prioritizes the front most enemy in the same row as you and restore the HP of the healing seed for a certain percentage of the damage dealt. Every 10 seconds, throw a treatment seed that lasts for 8 seconds to ally with the lowest hp in the same row other than yourself.

Hary – She can summon two bomb robots, AKA and AO. When the bomb robot fills up, it self-destructs, and performs an overall attack and a single attack, respectively. The more hp and shields awarded by the bomb robot, the more damage it deals with its self-destruction.

Vivian – Preferentially attacks the front most enemy in the same row as you. For each 3 normal attacks, throw a shuriken that deals additional damage. She marks a target and a random enemy at the same time for attacking.

Yoko Natsumi – Consumes HP, deals damage to the target four times, and gives a mark to the target at a time. Four marks explode when awarded, damaging targets and their enemies, starting from the weakest.

Kizna Eye – The mystery, is an effect that deals a lot of damage to the enemy alone. It is very powerful and can efficiently deal damage to single boss opponents like tulu in battle. In addition, since it enters the avoidance space for 1 second after the mystery is activated and becomes invincible, damage can be disabled.

Figure Fantasy Tier List (B Tier)

Helena – Helena is an excellent support character who can restore HP. Helena herself can win, so her in-depth turnover rate is exceptional.

Erikshia – For 12 seconds, all allies share the damage and grants 10% of damage dealt to linked allies with a hp absorption effect, increasing the effect hit by 25%.

Modzu Komei – She can deal range damage and activate weather and Easter for 10 seconds. Weather effect reduces the therapeutic effect of all enemies by 40% and deals significant damage to other enemies upon death.

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide

Figure Fantasy Reroll Guide allows you to obtain more powerful characters in the game. Fortunately, the game includes a built-in reroll system that you can use directly. As a result, there is no need to delete data or create new accounts on a regular basis.

Figure Fantasy Game Features


The Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology restores every inch of the figurines with high precision, perfectly presenting their real-world material textures and light refraction.


Place an order to purchase a “Blind Box” with a single tap, tear up the paper box, and receive a surprise, “Wishlist +200x Draw Option” directional mode, you will no longer miss out on your favorite figurines.


Deploy your lineups on a 3×3 grid, where you can set positional covers, view exclusive ultimate animations, and engage in combat strategy presented in a 3D format. Try combinations of the five brands freely. Mix and match Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers and Specialists in your lineups.

So that’s everything you need to know about the best characters in Figure Fantasy Tier List. Bookmark this website, as we will update this article with any new details as soon as we learn more.

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