The Evolve Stage 2 Tier List 2022 – Best Hunter & Monster

Read on to find the new Evolve Stage 2 Tier List of the best Hunters & Monsters!

The Evolve Stage 2 Tier List will rank all the best hunters and monsters currently available in-game based on their usage in the game. According to their nature, those with higher rarity and better skills will naturally rise to the top of the Evolve Stage 2 Tier List ranking.

Please keep in mind that the Evolve Stage 2 Tier List is subjective and was created based on my own experience as well as opinions from a variety of people and sources (Subreddits, Twitch and YouTube). The list is primarily aimed at solo players and focuses on the characters who have the most consistency, best match-ups, and ease of use regardless of perk setups or team composition.

Furthermore, the Evolve Stage 2 Tier List is subject to change and will be updated based on my feelings about the characters and balance changes that will be introduced with new patches.

That being said, let us get started with this Evolve Stage 2 Tier List.

Evolve Stage 2 Tier List

The Evolve Stage 2 Tier List – Best Hunter & Monster

Evolve Stage 2 is a next-generation free multiplayer shooter featuring addictive 4v1 gameplay. One player-controlled monster must evade and outsmart a team of four uniquely skilled hunters.

Prove you’re the apex predator in unique 4v1 matches, progress your account and characters, and dominate the far-off world of Shear.

Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Tier List

Below you will find the latest Evolve Stage 2 Hunter tier list:

Hunter Rank
Electro Griffin, Parnell, Paladin Parnell, Sunny, Hank, Emet, Griffin S tier
Caira, Val, Bucket, Abe, Crow, Rogue Val, Lennox, Hyde A tier
Torvald, Renegade Abe, Tech sgt. Hank, Markov, Blitz Markov, Slim, Maggie, Jack, Quantum Caira B tier
Cabot, Wasteland Maggie, Lazarus, Kala, Battle Cabot C tier

My Opinion On Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Tier List

Battle Cabot placed, as you might expect he’s quite terrible, I was even considering putting him in D tier.

Some strange buffs, Caira got massively buffed in the 2 last patches, Emet got a buff (?!) and a nerf in the last one, as long as small buffs to Val and P.Parnell who were already really strong.

I wasn’t already a fan of the “new” Slim, who was deemed OP by a lot of people for some reason, IMO “old” Slim was much stronger, and since he got severely hit by the nerf bat one more time in the last patch, I don’t think he’s excellent at all, especially considering literally all other medics got buffed.

Some welcomed buffs to Q. Caira and R. Val, I honestly think that Q. Caira isn’t that bad anymore, and I had surprisingly good results with her the last few times I played her. I’d rather have her in my team than the new Slim for example.

Sunny got nerfed slightly and lost a few places, R. Abe however got continuously nerfed in the recent updates and I don’t feel he is that good of a pick in solo queue.

Been playing a plethora of Lennox games one patch ago, and I feel like she’s amazing, she just got toned back a little, but I guess she’s still a very decent pick, even against Kraken.

I haven’t been too impressed by the “new” W. Maggie, I think she’s still pretty bad and her damage just got decreased by a huge amount too in the last update.

Evolve Stage 2 Monster Tier List

Below you will find the latest Evolve Stage 2 Monster tier list:

Monster Rank
Kraken, Meteor Goliath, Goliath S tier
Gorgon, Elder Kraken, Glacial Behemoth, Behemoth A tier
Wraith B tier

My Opinion On Evolve Stage 2 Monster Tier List

I haven’t played the Glacial Behemoth and the “new” Wraith all that much, but from what I’ve seen, Bobsicle looks pretty strong while the Wraith is still fairly weak, even with her new passive. I decided to up Behemoth to A tier.

I’ll keep updating the Evolve Stage 2 Tier List following the updates and nerfs/buffs, and also if my opinion on a specific character ends up changing over time.

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