Evermore Knights Soft Launched On Google Play Store

Evermore Knights Soft Launched On Google Play Store

Evermore Knights is the latest turn-based JRPG for the mobile by Muse Entertainment Games in now available on Android. They had just announced their soft-launch on the Google Play Store. You can download Evermore Knights from Google Play.

Evermore Knights Free to Play / Play to Earn game, You can say that It is blockchain game featuring with NFT. It is a quality blockchain game where players have the opportunity to earn real world income off of playing or selling their in-game assets securely.

Gameplay is smooth and quick, but also challenging, enabling players to not only earn money, but to also have fun. Gacha mechanics in the game are fair and uphold idea that the money invested may turn into a good return instead of it being ‘sunk cost’. The game ensures reasonable barriers to entry at all times, even for low spending players looking to make money.

In this game there are so many characters and each characters is unique, and looks unique, with allocated statuses ‘attributes that are predetermined either making them more valuable, or less valuable in battle.

There are exclusive characters you can get in game that can vastly help your party in battle. They are also valuable and limited time NFT’s.

Six Evermore Knights Exclusive Characters

  • Laslow
  • Grana
  • Quinn
  • Curtis
  • Mammon
  • Astra

Since this a Play to Earn game, you can earn real money by selling ‘fighters’ or use these fighters to challenge hard dungeons which reward ‘diamond’ that is convertible to cryptocurrency and earn you money.

‘Evergems’ a currency that is used in the game for players to earn real money and for players to purchase better NFT fighters to clear harder and more rewarding challenges.

‘Evergems’ you earn, you can choose to summon more fighters, or cash it out for real world currencies. You can clear quests and dungeons and daily activities to earn valuable Evergems.

You can also play various game modes, including adventure mode, PVP, Awaken and explore the world of Evermore.

If we talk about weapons and equipments in Evermore Knights, then we will must say that Each weapon also has a set of defensive and offensive skills, making each fighter exceed in certain areas of the game

Some weapons are common, some are legendary, however, every weapon is truly unique in it’s own way. They are also valuable assets in our marketplace.

In Evermore Knights, each fighter has three equipment pieces and these pieces are earned through dungeons and have the same base stats as fighters do, and are randomized each time they’re obtained.

You can upgrade your equipment with collectible gears and rare drops obtained from monsters and daily dungeons. After upgrading equipment you will maximizing your characters.

You can sell these equipment pieces on the shop for cryptocurrency as well. These pieces can be rare also,
and rarer pieces have more value as their base stats are much larger.

if you love playing NFT games, you can try Evermore Knights and Download it from Play Store. Thank,s for reading.






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