Epic Fantasy Tier List – Best character guide

Do you want to learn about the latest Epic Fantasy Tier List and best character guide? And if that is the case, check out our most recent Epic Fantasy Tier List, which ranks each character from best to worst. This Epic Fantasy guide will also tell you about the best characters in the game and whom to pick when you first start playing the game.

So, without further ado, let us first dive into this Epic Fantasy Tier List:

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Epic Fantasy Tier List (Best Characters)

Epic Fantasy Tier List

In this Epic Fantasy Tier List we have divided the characters in four tiers i.e. SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier and B-Tier. Please note that this tier list has been created based on our personal experience while playing the game. Heroes in each Epic Fantasy Tier List may vary from one person to person.

Epic Fantasy Tier List (SS Tier)

If you have a few of these Epic Fantasy characters at your disposal, you’ll have the best time playing this game. They have exceptional ratings that allow them to fit into most of the situations.

  • Dike
  • Libra
  • Gland
  • Okasio
  • Hera

Epic Fantasy Tier List (S Tier)

The characters in this Epic Fantasy Tier List are not as strong as those in the previous tier. However, in the hands of skilled players, they can still control the game.

  • Gwen
  • Grace
  • Kurt
  • Michael

Epic Fantasy Tier List (A Tier)

Epic Fantasy characters that we have included in this tier are not so strong and powerful to take on opponents alone.

  • Elizabeth
  • Arhard
  • Crystal
  • Karma
  • Reinhardt
  • Julia
  • Jade
  • Aria

Epic Fantasy Tier List (B Tier)

Characters in this tier list are the weakest in the game.

  • Kain
  • Heintz
  • Diele
  • Elsa

Epic Fantasy Character Guide

There are five tiers of heroes: C, UC, R, SR, and SSR. The initial rating fluctuates in each tier, and some tiers have growth barriers which prevent you from advancing. Water, fire, earth, holy, and dark are the five properties that heroes have in the game.

Some features of each Hero property are:

  • Earth properties take 20% less damage from the Fire property, but it takes 20% less damage from it.
  • Water properties take 20% less damage from earth properties while taking 20% less damage from earth properties.
  • Water properties do 20% more damage to fire properties while absorbing 20% less damage themselves.
  • Dark properties take 20% greater damage from light properties.
  • Dark properties deal 20% more damage to Light properties in Epic Fantasy.

In addition, the game features four classes: tanker, dealer, debuffer and supporter, each with its own set of skills.

  • Tanker→Specializes in drawing the enemy’s attention away from teammates in order to defend them.
  • Dealer→Focuses on dealing huge damage to opponents.
  • Debuffer→This hero is known for inflicting adverse implications on his opponents.
  • Supporter→Specializes in granting allies added damage effects.

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Epic Fantasy Mobile Game Features

  • 150+ Heroes to collect and create your own deck.
  • 5 properties and skill correlations to defeat the boss.
  • Play arena competition with other players from around the world.
  • Numerous dungeons and towers waiting for your challenge.
  • Don’t stress about running out of time, as there is easy growth with an Idle System.

Game Information

So there you have all the best characters in this Epic Fantasy Tier List. If you want to improve your performance in this game, consider bookmark this guide.

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