Epic Ape Madness MMO Survival Officially Launches on Android

Epic Ape Madness MMO Survival Officially Launches on Android

On 30th December, Brickworks Games Ltd announced the release of Epic Ape Madness, a new MMO Survival game for Android. The game is based in a world where humans never existed and everyone in the world is an ape.

The world of Epic Ape Madness is filled with gangs that are fighting with other monkey gangs. Furthermore, you can construct and furnish your base with a variety of useful objects and accessories to make your base more pleasant. Increase your character’s level and gather precious assets to craft deadly weapons.

Epic Ape Madness Overview

In the game, players can customize their appearance, build and equip their own houses, and explore the city of Apepire to find adventures and secrets. The game also features both players versus player (PVP) and player versus environment (PvE) gameplay, with the option to form clans with other players and participate in multiplayer mode.

Depending on community feedback we are expecting developers to introduce more elements such as a player-driven economy, more weapons, new survival mechanics, and a dynamic map.

It’s worth noting that this game requires an internet connection to play and is only available on the Play Store for now.

So are you brave enough to set off on an adventure and be the last fighter standing? Let us know in the comments below.






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