EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Guide

You’ll find the updated EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide in this article. It’s a brand-new mobile game based on Hiro Mashima’s popular manga EDENS ZERO.

The game is a breathtaking visual representation of the universe and story that will bring both fans of the anime and original manga, as well as those who have yet to discover it, to tears. Launch yourself into space using only your phone! Begin your journey with Pocket Galaxy.

Choosing the best characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy can be a difficult chore for a beginner player. But don’t worry, the EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide can help you out.

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List of EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Characters

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide

There are around 19 characters in EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy. The game has multiple modes and some characters may be better suited for a specific role. This EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide should only be used as a reference.

EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Character Guide

Shiki Granbell

Granbell is a planet populated by robots, and here is a boy from there. He wields Ether Gear, a gravity-controlling device. Shiki is very concerned about his friends and wishes to make as many as possible. He embarks on an adventure with Rebecca and Happy in quest of the universe’s deity, “Mother.” Insects irritate him greatly.

Rebecca Bluegarden

A girl who is a “B-Cuber” internet streamer, despite the fact that she appears to be unpopular. She is a skilled markswoman who has gained outstanding dynamic vision through gaming. Rebecca and her companion Happy travel to the planet Granbell, where they encounter Shiki. On the planet Blue Garden, she is also a member of the Shooting Starlight adventurers’ guild.


Rebecca’s dearest friend and a cat from the planet Exceed. Happy died in a car accident when he was a child, but he was revived as a full-body android. During the battle, he transforms into Rebecca’s rifle. “Aye,” he says frequently.

Weisz Steiner

A young guy from the planet Norma who works as a “Machina Maker” for Ether Gear, a company that remodels machines. Professor Weisz, Rebecca and Happy’s benefactor, is his 50-year-younger counterpart. He joins Shiki’s group after fighting the Sibirs.

Homura Kôgetsu

A wielder of Ether Gear’s “Soul Blade” sword. She arrived at Edens Zero in pursuit of her missing master. She has a habit of speaking her mind aloud.

E.M. Pino

An anti-machine android that can use EMP to temporarily disable machinery (electromagnetic pulse attacks). Due to her memory loss, she has no idea why she was created, but she dreams of one day becoming “human.”

Witch Regret

The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars member. She is the “Shield of Edens,” a witch-like robot that keeps her face disguised most of the time. She is normally sympathetic, but when someone attacks Edens Zero, she can become cold-hearted and cruel.

Sister Ivry

The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars member. She is the “Life of Edens,” a healer-type android capable of treating ailments, despite her harsh and foul-mouthed demeanor. Mosco, she claims, has a soft spot in her heart.

Hermit Mio

The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars member. She is known as the “Mind of Edens.” She had a profound hatred towards mankind due to traumatic occurrences in her past, but after meeting Shiki’s gang, she regained her natural cheerfulness. With her superior programming, she oversees the Edens Zero system.

Valkyrie Yuna

The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars member. She is Homura’s teacher and the “Sword of Edens.” She used to teach Homura swordsmanship when she left Edens Zero, but she vanished five years ago.

Mosco Versa-0

Edens Zero’s service machine. After the fight of Guilst, he was brainwashed and converted into a subordinate by a fake sister, but he returned to Edens Zero with Sister Ivry. Sister Ivry refers to him as the “Pig of Edens,” and he has a tendency of exclaiming, “Moscoy!” He also has a strange switch on his stomach.

Elsie Crimson

One of the Seis Galáctica Oraciones. She is claimed to be the space pirate who, with her massive fleet, captured the Seven Cosmic Seas. Ziggy’s old friend who keeps an eye out for Shiki.


The android known as the “Demon King” in the past. Shiki was reared by him and was instructed to “make a lot of friends.”


Next in our EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy character guide is Justice. A member of the Interstellar Union Army of the Cosmic Government. He is in charge of a fleet that is chasing Elsie.


Rogue Out’s mercenary squad member. Wind Ether Gear and ninjutsu are controlled by a cyborg with a 60% machine body.

Labilia Christy

A self-described “very” well-known B-Cuber. Rebecca, who has a lesser subscription base than she does, is a favorite target of hers.

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