Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – Character guide

We are going to give you a Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List that includes most of the best characters in Dynasty Warriors Overlords. Since its official global release, the game has grown in popularity, with people from all over the world playing.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords is an action-packed game developed for mobile devices. In the game, you take on the role of a brave general, charging alone against opponents and conquering a chaotic universe where famous heroes are revealed. Here is a Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – the best character guide.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – Character Guide

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List

All the characters in Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List are divided into three tiers S, A and B. The characters in S tier are the strongest and in the B Tier are the weakest.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – S Tier

Cao Cao

Cao Cao is regarded as a powerful warlord and politician. He is a tenacious individual who would go to any mile to achieve his objectives. He spent his entire life to achieving his goals. Moreover, he also joined the allied forces alongside his comrades, and the two formed a deep sense of friendship. Both of them disagree with each other at some time in their lives and end up fighting. Cao Cao defeats him and takes control of his domain.

Xu Zhu

He is a powerful man with incredible healing abilities. He is Cao Cao’s partner, and they are both members of the same clan. Xu Zhu once saved his master’s life, and the two have maintained a friendship since then. He has a massive structure and a laid-back personality, yet when it comes to fighting, he can be really brutal.

Guan yu

The next character in this Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List is Guan yu. Guan Yu is regarded as a personification of heroism, power, and honour. He believes in the concept of justice and wishes to apply it to all of his supporters. He is a down-to-earth person who treats everyone with kindness. Guan Yu and his companions Zheng Fei and Liu Bei, the warlord, have fought many wars and won the majority of them.

Zhang Fei

He is a fearsome general known for his ferocity and power. Zhang Fei was a harsh man who subjected his subordinates to severe penalties and never hesitated to beat them to death. He was convinced that the death sentence may play a critical role in reducing crime and terror in the community. He has a strong preference for wine and enjoys sharing beverages with his mates. With his unflinching bravery and impeccable strategy, he is seen to be the only one capable of destroying the enemy forces.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – A Tier

Zhuge Liang

This well-known politician was known for his bravery and heroism. He has exceptional fighting abilities, which he proudly demonstrated during his clashes with the opponents. As a “sleeping dragon,” he was a wise man who was both loved and feared. Zhuge Liang is very well for his unwavering devotion to his superiors. Companionship relationships that he formed earlier in his life are still strong. He is recognized for being a man of his words, and he strives to keep his promises. He is easily identified by his appearance, which includes a war fan.

Sun Ce

The next character in this Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List is Sun Ce. He is a fiery young man who is well-liked by his fellow compatriots. He teams up with his father and embarks on a journey to liberate the area from the rebels, whom they see as their worst rivals. Not only that, but he constantly appreciates his opponent’s power, which helps him maintain strong relationships with even his worst opponents. He was known for his pragmatism, and he would go to any length to protect the people of his kingdom.

Da Qiao

Qiao is a wise and sensible youngster who never compromises her values. She is shy and introverted, and she dislikes being treated unfairly. She is obsessed with saving her husband and family, and she fights every battle to the best of her ability. Qiao wields an iron fan, which she uses to inflict deadly attacks on her opponents.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List – B Tier

Wang YuanjI

Next in this Dynasty Warriors Overlords Tier List is Wang. Wang is an intelligent and realistic young lady. She is not influenced by emotions and has a very astute outlook on life. Wang is very compassionate, gentle, and generous to the weak and oppressed. She treats everyone with dignity and has a special affection for the babies and children. Her beauty helped her gain popularity among her fans. She wishes to alleviate all prevalent ills and make her country a free place to live.

Sima Ye

Sima is a young prince known for his intelligence. He is quite clever and efficient in dealing with even the most difficult problems. He embodies tenacity, perseverance, leadership, and bravery. Sima has fought many battles alongside his father, and has come out on top in the majority of them. He adores his countrymen and would even risk his life to protect them.

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