Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List 2022 – Best Character Class

Our new and updated Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List is going to be very helpful for new DNF Duel players. In this Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List, we have mentioned the best character class in DNF Duel that you should use or that you should replace with others. Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List, like Thetan Arena Tier List, has a variety of character classes. Moreover, each class is distinct and unique. As a result, many players have trouble selecting the suitable character class.

To support you, we have put together a detailed Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List, so you can figure out which characters to play first. Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List is mainly dependent on personal preferences. As a result, you can be surprised by the arrangement of certain characters.

So without any further delay, let us find out the best characters in Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List.

Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List (S Tier)

Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List


Berserkers in Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List are an advanced branch of the Slayer class. Berserkers wield gigantic swords while attempting to control their demonically possessed arm. The demonic arm has been responsible for the deaths of their own family members as well. This led down the path where the demonic arm possession entirely takes over the victim’s body and, bestowing upon him more powers and magical abilities. But the thing to note is that these demonic powers drain the user’s health to achieve glorious victory, so power comes at a cost.


Inquisitors in this Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List are a more fanatical upgrade of the female Priest class. Inquisitors are more vicious than their holy compatriots in their attempts to stomp out those who would spread the Blood Curse and defile their religion. She fights with a massive battleaxe, and she can set ablaze and spin around to deal massive damage to everyone in her path. Character portraits of Inquisitor are shown with blood on them to demonstrate how far they are willing to go to complete their quest.

Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List (A Tier)


Strikers is an improved version of the female Fighter class in this Dungeon Fighter Duel characters guide. She fights in a relatively simple manner, using strength and technique to outsmart their enemies. Striker do not wield any weapons or armor in fight. She is more into good old-fashioned punches and kicks to the face to fix her problems at crazy speeds.


Grappler just like Striker is a subcategory of the male Fighter class that takes their martial arts training in a new way. Grapplers, as the name implies, focus on grabbing their opponents and slamming them into the ground. Unlike many other fighting game, he appears to be mastered at fighting in the air while being able to combo into or out of his tosses.

Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List (B Tier)


Their country firearm technology is more advance than the rest of the world, despite living in a land where magic is forbidden. Ranger is an upgraded version of the Gunner. He wields multiple revolvers that he can shoot in rapid succession. Moreover, he is not afraid to kick with those long legs as well. As a Lawless District survivor, Rangers are a little rougher than their other gun-slinging compatriots.

Dungeon Fighter Duel Release Date

Unfortunately, there was no mention of a release date in the latest trailer. We’ll have to wait for more announcements to find out when this game will be released. We’re hoping for a 2022 launch.

Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully, this Dungeon Fighter Duel Tier List will help players who prefer to read tier lists instead of wasting their time testing random stuff.

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