Disney Mirrorverse Anger Guide – Best Character Abilities

The detailed information in this Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide tells you everything you need to know about the game’s Anger character.

Anger is a short fuse, fiery, blade wielder Disney Mirrorverse character who is competitive and furious on his best days. He literally enjoys nothing more than a good old-fashioned brawl. However, unfortunately his exploding feeling of righteous outrage which is stoked by any wrong, his arrogance has reached unbearably high heights.

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Disney Mirrorverse Anger Guide

Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide

In this Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide, we will go through the process to get Anger and his core skills and abilities.

So, without any further delay let us get started with this Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide.

How To Unlock Anger In Disney Mirrorverse?

Anger can be obtained in Disney Mirrorverse by opening the crystals. Following are some crystals that will help you unlock Anger:

  • Stellar Crystal
  • Famed Crystal
  • Timekeeper Crystal

What Role Does Anger Play In The Disney Mirrorverse?

Unless you’re Anger, the ability to control one’s anger issues is essential to victory. Anger’s righteous indignation has been perpetually fueled by Stellar Magic. This angry guardian is prepared to deliver his own brand of savage punishment to the malicious Fractured after channeling his immense fury.

Now, let us talk about his core skills and abilities in this Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide.

What Skills Does Anger In The Mirrorverse Possess?

Following are some core skills and abilities of Anger:

  • Title → Fiery Arbiter of Justice
  • Role → Melee
  • Franchise → Inside Out

Core Ability – Escalating Rage

  • Immune to Burn.
  • Each time an enemy appears, Anger gains a 5% Attack Buff.
  • When Anger reaches 4 or 8 Attack Buffs, he Burns all enemies, dealing 10% damage per second for 2 seconds.

Special Ability – Blaze Of Justice

  • Anger deals 800% damage and Knocks Back all enemies around him.
  • If his Attack Buffs are at 10 or more, he removes all of them and explodes, dealing a 30% damage hit to all enemies, and knocking Back all enemies around him.
  • Additionally, while at 10 or more Attack Buffs, each enemy is inflicted with a Burn dealing 20% damage per second for 10 seconds to all targets it hits.

Signature Ability – Inferno Of Justice

  • When Anger gains 8 Attack Buffs, his Basic Attacks have a 100% chance to inflict a Burn dealing 20% damage per second for 5 seconds. (Max Stacks: 1]

Now, let us look at some of his talents in this Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide.

What Talents Does Anger In The Mirrorverse Possess?

Following are some unique talents of Anger:

  • Level 12 (Small Steps) → Grants +20% Attack at the start of an encounter.
  • Level 15 (Healthy Concern) → Grants +20% Health at the start of an encounter.
  • Level 20 (Feedback Loops) → When Anger triggers his Special Ability, he has a 100% chance to gain a 5% Attack Buff that lasts for the rest of the encounter.
  • Level 20 (Rising Fury) → Anger will not explode until he has reached 15 Attack Buffs. Anger’s Special Ability now deals 50% additional damage.
  • Level 25 (Anger Management) → Every time an enemy enters combat, there is a 100% chance Anger’s next Basic Attack will deal a Critical Hit.
  • Level 30 (Enduring Justice) → When a Boss enters combat, Anger will gain 6,5% Attack Buff(s).

That’s all there is to know about the Disney Mirrorverse Anger guide.

We’ve covered the most interesting character in this thrilling game. Disney Mirrorverse will keep you hooked up for a long time thanks to its large number of amazing characters.

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