Dislyte Reroll Guide For Best Characters – How to reroll?

It is possible to reroll in Dislyte, as it is in most other gacha games. In this Dislyte Reroll guide, we will discuss how to claim the best characters in Dislyte mobile game.

Rerolling is a big part of the meta in Dislyte game. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it simply means making a new account in order to increase your chances of getting the best Dislyte characters or weapons. In short, rerolling is the process of wiping the game’s data and reinstalling it in order to try for a better gacha outcome.

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So without ado, let us get started with this Dislyte reroll guide.

Dislyte Reroll Guide

Why Should I Reroll In Dislyte?

The most common reason to reroll in Dislyte or any other gacha game is to obtain a specific character or weapon.

You may desire them for their aesthetic, playstyle, or quality. You’ll have to spend real money, grind for a long period, or reroll if you don’t get them in the first place.

That is why Dislyte reroll guide becomes a very enticing option for obvious reasons.

How To Reroll In Dislyte?

Let’s start with a broad discussion on how to roll in Dislyte.

To begin, you must finish the chapters up to 4. To call x10 Espers on the banner, you must have earned 10 or more golden records or gacha coins by then. After that, you need to go to the gacha menu and spend x10 gold records to get x10 pull.

You must be able to get a legendary Esper with an X10 pull and continue playing if you get the characters you wanted. On the other hand, if you are not fortunate enough then restart by resetting the current progress.

Below you will find the Dislyte reroll guide with step-by-step instructions:

Dislyte Reroll Guide

  • Start playing the game on your mobile device.
  • In the top-left corner of the home screen, tap the Profile Icon.
  • In the lower-right corner, tap “Settings.”
  • Navigate to the “Services” tab in the settings menu.
  • Under the ‘Account Service’ section, click “Initialize Account.”
  • When you click the Initialize account button, a new screen appears with a code and an input box.
  • Tap the “Confirm” button after you have entered the code. (Please note: You can only reset x3 times)
  • This will clear your current progress and return you to the log-in screen, where you can begin again.

What Are The Downsides Of Rerolling In Dislyte?

The main disadvantage is that it takes time to reroll in Dislyte.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get to Chapter 4 (some players may get there faster if they rush through). It really depends on how long you want to play in order to obtain your favorite character.

Here is the Dislyte Tier List. You can always aim to reroll for the S tier characters.

Dislyte Tier List

Use this Dislyte tier list for initial reroll. However, don’t expect getting all the S-tier characters to help you easily top the leaderboards.

STiye (Nut), Asenath (Nefertem), Unas (Shu), Biondina (Poseidon), Lewis (Ares), Sally (Sif) Raven (Odin), Narmer (Ra), Tang Mei (Sun Wukong), Li Ling (Nezha), Hyde (Hades), Triki (Loki), Gabrielle (Njord), Mona (Artemis), Lin Xiao (White Tiger), Chalmers (Idun)
AJin Yunyao (Queen Mother), Donar (Thor), Lucas (Apollo), Bai Liuli (White Snake), Anesidora (Pandora), Celine (Siren), Malin (Freya), Lu Yi (Dayi), Kara (Serket), Sander (Set), Heng Yue (Chang’e), Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang), Coco (Medea), Catherine (Hela), Ren Si (Black Tortoise), Bardon (Baldr), Chang Pu (Yao Ji) Zelmer (Sekhmet), Nya (Heket) Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
BDjoser (Atum), Jeanne (Gerd), Bonnie (Eris), Lynn (Hathor), Jiang Man (Meng Po), Falken (Horus), Faery (Freyr), Arcana (Hermes), Jacob (Jormungand), Long Mian (Ao Bing), Brynn (Valykrie), Q (Eros), Drew (Anubis), Li Ao (Tao Tie), Melanie (Medusa), Hall (Hodur), Freddy (Fenrir), Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque), David (Jason), Berenice (Bastet), Lulu (Medjed), Leon (Vali)
CUnky Chai (Yue Lao), Eunice (Aphrodite), Pritzker (Mimir), Helena (Helen)

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