Crusaders Quest Best Heroes Wiki – Tier List of Champions

Based on their performance, the Crusaders Quest Best Heroes Wiki highlights the game’s most popular champions.

Each hero in this Crusaders Quest tier list excels at something and which champions you use will be determined by your current game situation, goal, and progress. Overall, you should invest your time reading this Crusaders Quest best heroes Wiki as it will give you the most bang for your buck. The Crusaders Quest tier list is especially important for free-to-play players who have a limited amount of resources to invest in heroes.

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Crusaders Quest Best Heroes Wiki – Best Characters Guide

The Crusaders Quest best heroes wiki includes over 200 heroes, each with their own set of abilities, classes, and weapons. The Crusaders Quest tier list will assist you in assembling the most powerful team and with the right scenarios you will be able to defeat monsters easily.

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Champions Ranked

Crusaders Quest Best Heroes Wiki

Heroes in the Crusaders Quest tier list will be ranked in the following seven categories:

  • OP – Heroes in this list are superior and more powerful than any other.
  • S – These Crusaders Quest characters are extremely effective against enemies.
  • A – This rank comes with competitive and top-tier heroes who are worthy of a shot.
  • B – B tier heroes are also useful, but only if strategically placed.
  • C – These heroes are feasible, but will require a lot of resources and effort to make them powerful.
  • D – These heroes are not worth a shot in most scenarios.
  • F – Try to ignore these heroes as much as possible.

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Hunters

Character PVE Rank PVC Rank
Tteok Mama Malsook S B
Wanderer Lorelei A A
Super Mandy D F
Sentinel R C F
Secret Agent Zahard B D
Ruby Rose C F
Red Bullet Saiga C F
Radiant Carol B A
Penqueen Olga S B
Rags to Riches Momotaro A F
Nora Valkyrie C D
Lyudmilla, Lady of White A B
Loaded Jet F D
Leona Heidern D F
Hummel Trabaldo F D
Gourmand Athos C B
Frost Hunter Raven A B
Fairy Queen Delrien A B
Evil Spirit Crow A B
Elphelt Valentine C D
Elegant Cindy A S
Dragon Hunter Bellerophon D F
Devil Bullet No. 9 B S
Detective Sherlock Dox A B
Dark Slayer Wilhelm B D
D’Artagnan of Iron Will C F
Cyborg Spiny A C
Cowgirl Maxi B F
Commander Spyro B F
AG02-Layla A B
AG01-Neo A C

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Archers

Character PVE Rank PVC Rank
Venomous Malkah A A
Spider Queen Arachne B A
Set, Reaper of Souls A B
Ran the White Raven S S
Rahima, Daughter of Hawks C D
Principal Dancer Lee A B
Noble Magnus B S
MoonShadow Altair S B
Moon Princess Kaguya A F
Mai Shiranui D C
Hong-Ran of Flame S A
High Elf Archer B A
Hanzo of Gale B A
Haerang, Oracle of Water A B
Great Father Panpan F D
Giparang of Full Moon B F
Frozen Phantom Niven B F
Femme Fatale Arona C D
Fairy Knight Almael S S
Demona of Primal Flames F C
Chiron of Glory B S
Chipp Zanuff B A
Bone Dragon Gon A B
Black Mamba B C
Arcane Archer Genevie A C

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Warriors

Character PVE Rank PVC Rank
Soul Devouring Plaga A C
Weiss Schnee B F
Spearman B B
Sol Badguy A B
Sien of Bloodlust D F
Short-Sighted Sim Hak-Gyu A C
Shogun Susanoo S A
Shasha, Witch of Fire C B
Raphtalia A A
Randgrid the Feared B C
Psychic Isabel A C
Omega Rugal F F
Ocean King Koxinga B S
Monte Cristo B D
Lion Captain Gwen B D
Lednas C B
Kyo Kusanagi D F
Ky Kiske D D
Kaori the Undefeated S B
Johnny B A
Joan of Arc B C
Izuna the Vigilante B A
Iori Yagami D D
Goblin Slayer A S
Ghost King Bihyeongrang B D
Forest Witch Arita C B
Devil Slayer Abel F D
Dark Knight Lionel C F
Dana Icarusia B F
Karsten B B
Craving Nefer B A
Captain B. Sworden C C
Bakumaru B B
Baiken C B
Adol Christin B A
Absolute Devil Vivian C F

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Priests

Character  PVE Rank PVC Rank
Woomparoom Woopa S B
Savior Saintess Maria B D
Sfera, Queen of Sheep B F
Primitive Ranno A C
Priestess D C
Orfeo of Temptation S F
Oracle Marpei B S
Onmyoji Seimei F D
Nyorori C B
Nine Tailed Fox Yeowoodong B F
Nightingale of Light A D
Neth Army Officer Yuria B D
Mad Scientist Stein C D
Lucky Guy Ricky S A
Lizardman Priest A A
Kaede of the Scattering Leaves S A
Irregular Cronette S C
I-No C B
Guardian Gueronica B S
Great Shaman Himiko B D
Food Hunter Chai S B
Ferris B S
Faust of Desolation C D
Emergency Relief Nurspy A F
Divine Guardian Noel F A
Demon Destroyer Beatrice S A
Dara of Joy A B
Cream S A
Cat Master Mew B D
Black Sister Melissa F C
Bari of White Flowers B A
Athena Asamiya A F
Artisan Basquiat F D
Ambassador Seiren A C

Crusaders Quest Tier List – Paladin

Character PVE Rank PVC Rank
Siegfried the Dragon Paladin D F
Vane The Dark Knight F D
True Devil Cain F C
Terry Bogard D D
Sword Maiden S B
Stanya the Annihilator F D
Sahad Nautilus B D
Roland of Honor C D
Rem S S
Odin of the Storm B S
Naofumi Iwatani B A
May B B
Lady Schula of Steel A D
Hols C B
Hector of Steel C F
General Mundeok C B
Gao A B
Frost Hammer Wolfgang S C
Shuwen S S
Filo D B
Fenrir of Choice C A
Emperor Alexander A A
Caeneus of Valiance C S
Billy Kane D D
Berserk – V A B

Crusaders Tier List – Wizards

Character PVE Rank PVC Rank
Wolfram, Witch of Wind C D
Yichui of Moonblossom S A
Vesper, Witch of Water S B
Urako of Love and War S A
Succubus Queen Rachel B F
Spade Queen Alice B F
Soul Magician Necron B C
Rishia Ivyred S A
Ram S F
Osiris, Guide of the Lost S A
Nyanma C B
Mondrian the Savant C D
Magical Girl Cano B F
Magical Dollmaker Violet F C
Loki the Trickster B B
Han Xiangzi the Pilgrim B D
Grand Inquisitor Uriel C F
Glass B C
Freezing Sasquatch C F
Notorious Phantom Thief Lupeow B D
Fitoria B A
Bihwa S S
Emilia A B
Drago C C
Dizzy S B
Creator Benjamin C D
Chizuru Kagura F D
Beatrice F D
Awakened Lakias C F
Archon the Enlightened A C
Anesidora A B
Ana of the Golden Lily S C

This brings us to the end of our lengthy Crusaders Quest best heroes wiki. We hope you now have a better understanding of each hero for each phase.


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