Cross Summoner R Tier List – Best Characters Guide

Today we will go through the new Cross Summoner R Tier List in this guide. You will find a comprehensive ranking of the best character in Cross Summoner R from a competitive perspective. Although it’s still a work in progress, our Cross Summoner R Tier List is an excellent place to start for beginners.

Cross Summoner:R is a Role Playing Game developed by DAMO NETWORK LIMITED for mobile devices. The game has hundreds of fascinating characters for you to interact with and add to your lineup of fighters. With so may choices it becomes difficult to pick the best characters. Which is why we have created this Cross Summoner R Tier List.

So without any further delay, let us find out the best characters in Cross Summoner R Tier List.

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Cross Summoner R Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Cross Summoner R Tier List

For your understanding this Cross Summoner R Tier List is divided into four tiers. The characters in the top tier are the best whereas characters in the bottom tier are worst.

Tier Characters
Ultimate Rare (S) Asuka, Alwin, Luschut, Bormea, Sassafras
Specifically Super Rare (A) Irina, Rorche, Brazos, Arik, Saizou, Sharifah, Scherzo, Reid, Rabad, Rill, Mira
Super Rare (B) Lamia, Victor, Matoi, Yuugiri, Ruzha, Jack, Luna, Karen, Johann, Verginita, Rasheed
Rare (C) Lyrica, Eris, Leicester, Fortis, Momohime

There you are with the latest Cross Summoner R Tier List.

Who Is The Best Character In Cross Summoner R?

According to our Cross Summoner R Tier List, Alwin is the best character in the game. After the death of the previous kings, Alwin, the first prince of the Hallowed Kingdom, ascended to the position of king.

Despite sometimes having a cold exterior, he is compassionate and gentle. Moreover, he is a caster in terms of how he collaborates with others.

The second-best character in this Cross Summoner R Tier List would be Asuka. From the Yamato Kingdom, cheerful Asuka journeys far and wide with her dependable bow. Despite not having the best talents, she is gutsy and prepared to take on difficulties.

Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully, this Cross Summoner R Tier List will help players who prefer to read tier lists instead of wasting their time testing random stuff.

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