Critical Legends Classes Tier List – Best class guide

There are a total of four classes that make up the Critical Legends Classes Tier List and guide. You can achieve the top rank using the Critical Legends best class mentioned in this Critical Legends Classes Tier List. Moreover, you will do so without exhausting valuable resources on weaker and less powerful characters in Critical Legends Roblox game.

Critical Legends best class tier list will go through all the available classes and their variants. We have ranked the classes in Critical Legends from best to worst in this Critical Legends Classes Tier List.

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So, without further ado, let us get in depth of this updated Critical Legends Classes Tier List.

Critical Legends Classes Tier List

Critical Legends Classes Tier List

In this Critical Legends Classes Tier List, we have divided the classes in four tiers, i.e.

  1. S Tier – The best quality fruits are in this tier
  2. A Tier – The good quality fruits are in this tier
  3. B Tier – The better quality fruits are in this tier
  4. C Tier – The average quality fruits are in this tier

Critical Legends Tier List – S Tier

  • Star Slayer
  • Reality Breaker
  • Chaotic Defender
  • Timer Warden
  • Hands of Hope
  • Shotgun of Imagination
  • Void King
  • King Slime
  • Luna
  • Void Scythe
  • Immortal Sword

Critical Legends Tier List – A Tier

  • Ocean’s Blade
  • Golden Bow
  • Heart Shield
  • Nature’s Staff
  • Holy Sword
  • Bandite Guns
  • Awakened Dragon Brawler
  • King
  • Blue Slime
  • Solar Eclipse Great Sword
  • Scythe
  • Venom Katana

Critical Legends Tier List – B Tier

  • Longsword
  • Longbow
  • Flame Shield
  • Hex Staff
  • Priest Staff
  • Dual Guns
  • Valkyrie Over Heaven
  • Dragon Brawler
  • Master Programmer
  • Apple Tree
  • Void Tiki
  • Purple Slime
  • Solar Great Sword
  • Void Katana
  • Venom Dagger

Critical Legends Tier List – C Tier

  • Combo Sword
  • Hunter’s Marksman
  • Starter Shield
  • Apprentice Staff
  • Staff of Healing
  • Gun
  • Valkyrie Spear
  • Boxer
  • Programmer
  • Apple Collector
  • Tiki
  • Green Slime
  • Great Sword
  • Katana

Critical Legends Guide – Tips for beginners

According to a few data gathered from the Internet, it is an action-adventure game, allowing gamers to defeat their in-game enemies. Also, you can progress forward in the game by exploring, unlocking different classes. According to Critical Legends Roblox Wiki reports, you will notice several items and stuff, but the following areas are important things that you should know:

  • In the gold glowing chest, you can swap your items.
  • The in-game characters with an exclamation mark indicate a save point.
  • The traveler boots will help you to get mobility and are also helpful for defeating enemies.
  • Through the boats present in the game, you can travel anywhere quickly.

However, according to the most recent Critical Legends Wiki data, the developers have updated the game with the Spell book class, a magic book useful during battles.

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