Clash Royale April Update Leaks 2022 – Patch Notes

Today we are going to be talking about the next Clash Royale April Update 2022. After the Clash Royale season ends we can expect the Clash Royale April Update to be announced and released.

Clash Royale April Update is going to be a big one, and we’re going to be talking about the sneak peek and other details they just revealed on the official social media handles.

So without ado, let us find out more about the new Clash Royale April Update. Also read our latest best Clash Royale Mighty Miner Decks in the game.

Clash Royale April Update 2022 – Patch Notes

clash royale april update

Here is everything we know so far about this Clash Royale April Update.

Supercell accidentally leaked the Clash Royale April balance changes. The social media post did not contain specific notes on the numbers. However, we have a list and know whether it’s going to be buffed, nerfed, or reworked.

So “+” sign means buffed, “-” sign means nerfed and “x” means reworked.

  • Mirror +
  • Golden Knight +
  • Giant Skeleton +
  • Archers +
  • Ice Spirit +
  • Tombstone –
  • Ram Rider –
  • Archer Queen –
  • Graveyard –
  • Valkyrie –
  • Elixir Collector x
  • Electro Giant x

That is all we know so far about the balance changes in this Clash Royale April Update.

Now let us talk about some Clash Royale April Update leaks.

Clash Royale April Update – Top Leaks

Here are some Clash Royale April Update card leaks:

Royale Dummy

At number one we have the royal dummy, so this is a building, and it swings this big mace. Whenever an enemy gets near it can attack both air and ground troops.

Unfortunately we do not know the Elixir cost and rarity of Royale Dummy in Clash Royale.

Inferno Balloon 

Not much is known about this card. This inferno balloon card may be used to drop fire spirits on the enemy. We believe it might be carrying a furnace though.

We also believe it might carry these patches of fire in the shape of a skull. Whenever a troop walks through, it’s going to catch that troop on fire and for a few seconds do gradual damage.

The rarity and Elixir cost of Inferno Balloon is still not known.

Chomp Trap

It is going to be a two or three elixir epic building in Clash Royale April Update. You can place it wherever you’d like to in the arena and whenever a group of troops walks near it will lock them in place and completely stuns them for a few seconds.

Think of this as a combination between an ice spirit and a hidden tesla.

Ice Wizard Tower

It is going to be a legendary building coming to the Clash Royale April Update. This is the Ice Wizard tower for 5 elixir, and it’s basically like a Bomb Tower plus an Ice Wizard.

Elixir Pup

The elixir pup is basically like a Lava Hound and Elixir Golem combined into one card. It would be absolutely insane if this was like a three or four elixir Lava Hound and then when it exploded it spawned Mini Elixir Pups.

Each pup destroyed would give the enemy some free elixir. However, this card would be awesome to get some massive pushes going. However, similar to the E Golem it could also feed some elixir to the enemy.

That is everything we know about the Clash Royale April Update 2022.

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