Clash Quest Tier List & Best Character Guide

In this Clash Quest Tier List, you will find out the best Clash Quest characters in the game. Clash Quest is a popular strategy game created by Supercell, a well-known Finnish game studio. With so many characters to pick from, deciding the best Clash Quest character to try can be difficult.

We’ve put in the effort and created a Clash Quest Tier List to assist you in learning how to play Clash Quest in the competitive arena.

So, without further ado, let us look into this Clash Quest Tier List.

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Clash Quest Tier List & Best Character Guide

Clash quest tier list

Every character in the game has been ranked into a single Clash Quest Tier List. Furthermore, a character’s tier is determined by their strengths, weaknesses, attack options, recovery options, and overall attack power.

The Clash Quest characters in the game have been arranged from worst to best based on my personal experience as well.

Clash Quest Tier List (B Tier)

  • Baby Dragon: According to my opinion the baby dragon is currently super disappointing in the game.  Even if your baby dragon is Level 2 or above, it is still the worst in my opinion.
  • Barbarian: I simply just don’t like how the way they do the damage in Clash Quest. It is just not that much when comparing to other troops in the game. So I just put Barbarians the second to worst in this Clash Quest Tier List.
  • Goblin: So Goblin is the third-worst troop in this Clash Quest Tier List. This is because they are good in certain situations, but they die very quickly in the early stages of the game.

Clash Quest Tier List (A Tier)

  • Prince: He is very strong with the combos, and he can be used to lead from the front. But I think the Prince sometimes gets super annoying because he’s just attacking right in front.
  • Giant: The next in our Clash Quest Tier List is the Giant because normally the way they attack is just not that great. The way they do the damage especially in Clash Quest is just not as strong as it is in other Clash Universe games.
  • Bomber: Another in the list is the Bomber because the way they attack is just based on a specific range, which is a bit disappointing. I prefer having those differently to ensure the way they attack leads to a decent splash damage. Overall they still are good at clearing enemy swarms.

Clash Quest Tier List (S Tier)

  • Pekka: The game plan is very simple when you are having a Pekka in your deck. You just have to Support your Pekka and let him clear out the enemy lines.
  • Wizard: You will win most of the time in Clash Quest because of your Pekka attacking from the front and Wizard killing troops from a distance. By far one of the best characters in Clash Quest Tier List.
  • Archer: The role of Archer is quite similar to Wizard. Both of them can be used to kill troops from the distance. The combination of Pekka + Wizard + Archer can take out enemy lines very easily.

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Clash Quest Game Features

Clash Quest is a turn-based strategy game set on the world of Clash Universe. However, it comes at you at a slower rate this time, allowing you to carefully calculate each of your actions as you go. To set yourself up for satisfying victories, battle at your own speed, make smart decisions, and carefully select your combos.

Clash Quest Game Information

So that’s everything you need to know about the best characters in Clash Quest Tier List. Bookmark this website for latest gaming news, tier list and updated Clash Quest guide.

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