Clash of Beasts Tier List and Guide – All beasts ranked

Here is a complete Clash of Beasts Tier List ranking of Clash of Beasts characters from worst to best. Clash of Beasts Tower Defense is a strategy game by Ubisoft that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Clash of Beasts lets you summon beasts with soul stones, fight in battles, and collect loot. You then invest it in upgrading your beasts and summoning new ones.

It is very important for every player to know about the Clash of Beasts characters in the game. In our Clash of Beasts Tier List we have put all the beasts into six different tiers ranking from worst to best. Moreover, there are a total of four classes in Clash of Beasts Tier List: Berserker, Mage, Rogue and Tank. Each beast has a distinct set of unique skills and abilities that can be used in the game to defend the tower and defeat the enemy.

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Clash of Beasts Tier List – Best character guide

The S tier is the first tier in the list and has all the less powerful beasts, followed by the last tier, i.e. E tier that consist of the best and most powerful beasts in the game. You might find some beasts in Clash of Beasts Tier List to be stronger than the others and might think that they are placed in the wrong tier. That’s fine as long as you’re enjoying yourself while playing the game.

Clash of Beasts Tier List – S Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Iridoz Tank Rare
Shalegrasp Tank Common
Lunaros Mage Rare
Elentara Tank Epic
Brightwing Mage Common
Ar’kanos Tank Rare
Shadescale Mage Common
Tyranta Rogue Rare
Vorgoth Tank Common
Talvara Rogue Common

Clash of Beasts Tier List – A Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Evermaw Tank Rare
Deathgaze Rogue Epic
Sevitaar Mage Rare
Thanaku Berserker Rare
Kalaantiss Mage Common
Wortan Mage Rare
Rootsnap Rogue Rare
Rattlegasp Tank Rare
Harsith Rogue Common
Crushgrin Berserker Common

Clash of Beasts Tier List – B Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Vorathresh Berserker Epic
Tonitrus Mage Epic
Sivry Mage Rare
Hurngold Berserker Rare
Sparkjaw Rogue Rare
Slughorn Tank Epic
Styx Berserker Common
Kerbera Mage Common
Mavra Rogue Common
Methisis Tank Common

Clash of Beasts Tier List – C Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Sashaman Rogue Legendary
Noor Tank Legendary
Vosgorth Mage Epic
Horndal Berserker Epic
Screech Mage Epic
Arigoz Rogue Epic
Urs-Haala Berserker Rare
Krakaton Tank Rare
Skycrash Mage Rare
Proudbeak Rogue Common

Clash of Beasts Tier List – D Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Ananzi Tank Legendary
Todakonuwe Berserker Legendary
Thorn Hurn Berserker Mythic
Nara Tank Mythic
Magma Tank Legendary
Frost Wolf Rogue Legendary
Malok Mage Legendary

Clash of Beasts Tier List – E Tier

Beast Class Rarity
Bogron Berserker Rare
Seahammer Rogue Rare
Solara Mage Rare
Stitchgrue Rogue Epic
Hellstorm Tank Epic
Malarg Berserker Epic
Djinn-Dosh Berserker Legendary
Khepthral Mage Legendary
Skybark Tank Legendary
Korhal Rogue Legendary

That’s everything you need to know about Clash of Beasts Tier List. Now let us take a look at Clash of Beasts Guide.

Clash of Beasts Guide for Beginners

Clash of Beasts Battle

Clash of Beasts’ core video game sequence is a well-known one. To begin, you must gather monsters and upgrade your defenses. When you complete a fight, you will receive Soul Shards, XP, Healing Potions, Gold, Essence, and a variety of other products and currencies. You can use them to summon new monsters, upgrade your defenses, and so on. Clash of Beasts battles are exceptionally interactive for a mobile strategy video game. While your monster charges through the fortress, you can control its weapon (e.g., an infinite jet of fire) by moving your finger around the screen.

The goal is to keep your finger on your opponent’s towers in order to damage them before they destroy you. You have abilities to release as your primary weapon, with a variety of offensive and defensive effects. When you’ve destroyed 70% of your opponent’s base, the fight is over. If your monster dies during the fight, you can prepare another one to continue the attack. To obtain new monsters, you must first create Soul stones from Soul Shards, with some monsters requiring more Soul stones than others. When you make a Soul stone for a monster you already own, it transforms into Soul Dust.

You can also create or replicate monsters to create new ones. Combining Shade scale with Talvara creates Brightwing, Shalegrasp, and Iridoz. You can include it in your lineup when you’ve got a monster. Monsters are living animals, obviously, so you require supporting them with XP to open brand-new abilities. Plus, you require recovering them after a fight, or they’ll end up being less efficient.

Affinities and Classes

Clash of Beasts features four distinct classes and five color-coded affinities. These are applicable to both towers and monsters. The key to success is to capitalise on the synergies that result from combining specific classes and affinities, while avoiding the charges that result from combining the wrong affinities. You should never attack with the same affinity as the monster you’re using to attack it. If you do, your monster’s attack power will be reduced and its mana will not charge. Before attacking, you can check affinity on the opponent selection screen.

So, that concludes our today’s Clash of Beasts Tier List and Clash of Beasts Guide. If you found this Clash of Beasts guide helpful, make sure that you share it on social media with other players, friends or family.

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